Alec Baldwin Mocks Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Slur And The Crowd Went Wild (VIDEO)


The president, through his belligerence, has warranted numerous satirical take downs, most infamously from Alec Baldwin playing him on Saturday Night Live. On Monday night, Baldwin spoke at the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual fall fundraiser, appearing before a crowd of some 3,000 people, NBC reports.

The annual fundraiser is normally a very important event, having helped launch the presidential bids of both Barack Obama and John Kerry. This year, besides Baldwin, there were no presidential candidates highlighted, just seven prospective Iowa governors. The next Iowa gubernatorial election will be in November 2018; the state is presently led by Republican Kim Reynolds, a now former Lieutenant Governor who assumed her position after President Trump appointed Terry Branstad to be Ambassador to China.

As for Baldwin, he occasionally got into character as Donald Trump while speaking to those Democrats assembled on Monday night. He opened up his remarks by parodying the president’s fraudulent educational institution known as “Trump University,” joking that everyone present had passed if they’d written out checks to Donald Trump that had cleared. Baldwin kept at it with his joke, saying that notorious climate change denier and currency EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt would be teaching a class about climate change and Attorney General Jeff Sessions would be teaching a class, “He just can’t remember which one.”

Sessions, of course, is notorious for sticking to the “I forgot” excuse on issues related to the Russia scandal. He was recently revealed to have sat in on a meeting in which a now former Trump foreign policy adviser suggested then-candidate Trump meet privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he initially claimed to not know any such thing.

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Baldwin claimed to have a message from Trump himself, again taking on his Trump character and saying:

‘Greetings, Iowa. What a great state — Iowa. I won Iowa — I won the state by fifty points. It would have been a hundred points, but Crooked Hillary and the DNC bused in millions of voters from out of state from cities like Cedar Rapids and Des Moines but that’s okay.’

Cedar Rapids and Des Moines are, of course, both in Iowa.

Baldwin also addressed the controversy over Trump having used a racial slur against Native Americans while literally standing in front of Native Americans.

Trump used the slur while speaking of Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, who has informally claimed to have Native American ancestry.

Check out the video of that incident below.

While in character as Trump, Baldwin quipped in Iowa on Monday night:

‘I’m sorry if I offended anyone. Especially Pocahontas, who’s of course a smoking hot cartoon character.’

Besides his biting comedic takedowns of the president, Baldwin also had some entirely serious thoughts to offer to those assembled.

At one point, speaking of the Democrats’ failures in 2016, he said:

‘I only have myself to blame. We didn’t work hard enough. I make a promise to you: I am ready to fight to help the Democrats win.’

NBC says that “Baldwin at times sounded like a presidential candidate himself, addressing health care, job creation and foreign policy.”

Going into 2018 and 2020, Democrats most certainly seem to have an advantage.

In generic Congressional ballot polling, Democrats have a lead of about ten percent.

generic-congressional-ballot Alec Baldwin Mocks Trump's 'Pocahontas' Slur And The Crowd Went Wild (VIDEO) Celebrities Donald Trump Politics Top Stories

Meanwhile, the president, for his part, maintains an approval rating that is down in the dumps, even though he’s only been on the job for 10 or so months.

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Featured image via screenshot from the video.