Hundreds Of Scientists Come Together To Stop Trump From Appointing Horrifically Unqualified Person To Gov’t


In October of this year, the Washington Post reported that the president, unsurprisingly, had tapped a skeptic of climate change for a key office in the White House.  The position, chair of the Council on Environmental Quality, oversees the coordination of energy and environmental policies in the government.

Trump’s nominee, Kathleen Hartnett-White, was a former chairman of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Hartnett-White is also a registered lobbyist and spent nearly a decade with the Texas Public Policy Foundation spreading false information on air pollution and climate change.  In a report she wrote, titled The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, Hartnett-White stated: “the gas that makes life possible on the earth and naturally fertilizes plant growth… Whether emitted from the human use of fossil fuels or as a natural (and necessary) gas in the atmosphere surrounding the earth, carbon dioxide has none of the attributes of a pollutant.”

Statements like these would seem to cause concern for any reasonable person, but are of course a non-issue for the fiscally driven and corrupt Trump.

American scientists have officially announced they will not stand for Trump’s ignorance.  Today, more than 300 scientists signed a letter to the United States government advocating against Hartnett-White’s nomination.  The letter states: “We, the undersigned, oppose the nomination of Kathleen Hartnett White to run the White House Council on Environmental Quality, because one thing more dangerous than climate change is lying.”

The letter continued to point out Hartnett-White’s inadequacies, particularly her “assertion that carbon dioxide is not a harmful pollutant.”  The scientists letter rightly noted that environmental change is “not a partisan issue” but “a matter of defending scientific integrity.”

“There is unanimous agreement across peer-reviewed climate science that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released by human activities are contributing to the harmful effects of climate change,” the letter defends. “To state otherwise in the face of overwhelming evidence is simply unsupportable.”

This letter is not the only backlash against the president’s idiotic stance on the environment.  Prominent environmental groups, such as the Environmental Defense Fund, have demanded recognition of Hartnett-White’s association with big energy companies.

The Sierra Club has also issued multiple statements rallying against Hartnett-White, calling her in a tweet “a natural disaster.”

During her congressional hearing, Hartnett-White proved she would indeed be a disaster, when she continually debated facts about climate change and demonstrated she would be no friend to the diminishing of America’s carbon footprint.

Hartnett-White at first said she was “uncertain” of climate change, but quickly changed her stance, saying she had “jumped ahead in her statement” and that “climate change is of course real.”  When pressed further about whether or not she believed that humans effected this change she stated: “More than likely, but the extent to which I think is very uncertain.”

Hartnett-White was very pointedly asked during her hearing whether or not she would rely on scientists and their research to come to environmental decisions, she responded: “No, I’ve had that question for a very long time.”  She even denied that carbon levels have gone up drastically, in spite of admitting the earth’s temperature was getting warmer.

Though no decision has been made on Hartnett-White’s candidacy, the letter from UCSUSA scientists will hopefully tip the scale toward denying her the position.

Featured Image by Corbis via Getty Images.