JUST IN: House Intel Committee Finally Calls On Don Jr. – Trump In Full Panic Mode


One of the astounding aspects of the Trump presidency is not only the blatant corruption, but the corruption brought on through his own children.  It seems Donald Trump’s biggest downfall within his first year in office may just be nepotism, as his sons, both biological and in-law, continue to impede their father’s chances of a second term, let alone a second year.

From awkward and generally ignorant tweets to blatant lies to the federal government about his ties to Russia, Donald Trump Jr. has essentially lead the way in his family’s most embarrassing affairs.  As allegations mount against Trump Jr. and his father’s administration, it becomes increasingly important to focus on his more serious offenses over his foolhardy indiscretions.

It would appear, as of today, that the federal government is doing just that.  A CNN report released today states that Donald Trump Jr. is officially scheduled to meet with the House Intelligence Committee as early as next week.  The meeting will apparently occur “behind closed doors,” giving the committee an opportunity to question in detail the nature of Trump Jr.’s engagements with the Russian government during his father’s 2016 campaign.

For Trump Jr., things look incredibly bleak.  Throughout the past few months, reports have been issued against the fortunate son alleging he met with the Russians in a meeting held at Trump Tower.  Most recently, it became public knowledge that Trump Jr. had been in contact with the controversial non-profit, WikiLeaks, during the 2016 campaign.  This item of information has proven to be one of the most incriminating pieces of evidence to come to light against the president’s son.  So far, Trump Jr. has fervently denied he has engaged in any illegal activities.

Congressional review of Trump Jr.’s reported contact with the Kremlin has been a long time coming, with several other members of his father’s campaign having already been interviewed.  Just this Tuesday, Russian translator Anatoli Samochornov, who also attended the well known meeting at Trump Tower, was questioned by both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.  Another highly anticipated interview by the House panel will be with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is expected to speak about his contacts with Russians during the campaign season.

Senate Intelligence Chairman, Republican Richard Burr of North Carolina, informed CNN that his panel is scheduled to interview Donald Trump Jr. in December, though it appears no official date has been set. Burr asserted that Trump Jr. is one of many witnesses to potential incidences of Russian collusion scheduled to be interviewed by the end of 2017.

Republican Representative, Mike Conaway, is leading the House investigation.  Conway stated on Tuesday night that his committee has scheduled interviews on the matter all the way through mid-December.  He also suggested more interviews would be conducted into the year 2018.  The representative showed skepticism when asked if the panel would finish their interviews by the mid-term elections next year.  When asked if there would be any reports issued on the Committee’s findings by the end of 2017, Conaway replied: “No, that would be surprising.”

While busying himself with harassing Senator Elizabeth Warren with insulting tweets related to his father’s uttered racial slur this week, Donald Trump Jr. has yet to comment on his own discretions and his future meeting with the House Committee.

Featured Image by William Campbell/Corbis via Getty Images.