Religious Leaders Just Banded Together To Stop Trump’s Dangerous Tax Bill & It’s Perfect


The Republican Party is approaching its first major legislative victory in the Trump-era. The long-awaited tax-reform bill is looking like it might become a reality. This isn’t a sure thing, but it’s closer to reality than any of the ObamaCare repeals. The problem with the bill is that it cuts taxes for the rich, but those taxes are paid for, in part, by a repeal of the ObamaCare individual mandate. The requirement that everyone buy insurance is one of the bill’s most unpopular provisions, but the repeal would cut health insurance benefits for millions of people.

For this reason, the bill has been opposed by many groups and now a collection of religious leaders representing various faiths have written a letter speaking out against the bill.

‘We, the undersigned faith leaders representing the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist and other faith traditions and denominations across the country, express our strong opposition
to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act adopted by the Senate Finance Committee. This bill violates our moral principles of equality, justice, and fairness. We call on Congress to oppose the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act due to our strong belief that this bill is fiscally irresponsible, endangers our country’s economic health, and disproportionately benefits the wealthy at the expense of vulnerable people and low-income families.’

Republican leadership, including President Trump, have been pushing the bill’s passage, placing them at odds with many religious leaders.

In addition to concerns about the majority of benefits going to the rich, the letter also spoke out against the repeal of the mandate, due to the fact that it would cut insurance benefits from millions of people.

‘As people of faith, we believe that access to quality, affordable health insurance is a right. The individual mandate is critical to keeping individual market coverage affordable and keeping the
individual market stable. By repealing the individual mandate, legislation will cause catastrophic losses in health coverage. The CBO estimates that the number of uninsured individuals would increase by 13 million by 2025, which violates our faith teaching.’

Ultimately, the letter concludes with a message requesting the Senate to vote against the tax bill due to it being “fundamentally unjust.”

‘As people of faith, we view decisions about tax policy and the federal budget as moral decisions. Simply put, this proposed legislation is fundamentally unjust. If it becomes law, it will result in harmful consequences for those most needing support so as to the benefit high-income earners and big corporations. We oppose this bill and urge the Senate to present true, revenue-neutral tax reform that takes into account the needs of the most vulnerable members of our society.’

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