Trump Associate Has A Terrifying Reason To Worry About The Donald’s Mental Health


We’ve all seen the serious red flags about the president’s mental state at this point. He’s managed to keep taking us by surprise with the levels to which he brings his belligerence, a belligerence that is often put on display on Twitter.

This week, for example, he’s taken to sparring with the British Prime Minister on Twitter, quipping about a “fake news trophy” with disturbingly petty seriousness, and retweeting videos posted by a British white nationalist who has been charged with serious crimes in her home country. (It’s that last item that prompted Trump to lash out at British PM May on Twitter.)

Also this week, on Monday to be precise, the president used a racial slur against Native Americans while literally standing in front of Native Americans. He couldn’t keep himself away from launching petty political attacks for even one afternoon, quipping that the Native Americans assembled for an event honoring Native American veterans of World War II have a representative in Congress, “Pocahontas.”

Trump was referring to Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who Trump has sparred with in the past, claiming with little evidence that she’s used her thinly supported claims of Native American ancestry to advance her career.

This week, MSNBC’s Morning Joe picked up the topic of the president’s seemingly declining mental health.

After hearing from columnist Eugene Robinson, who insists that we’ve reached a point where we can no longer chalk Trump’s belligerence and incompetence up to some “secret plan,” host Joe Scarborough turned to contributor Donny Deutsch, who has known Trump for some time.

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 15: Donny Deutsch attends “Nightcap” Premiere Party at Crosby Street Hotel on November 15, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Deutsch sounded the alarm just as Robinson did, speaking out of his experience in dealing with Trump over a period of years.

Chillingly, Deutsch began by saying:

‘I’ve spent hours and hours with him — everything from negotiating leases to at-school functions to hours and hours of interviewing him on my old show. He’s not the same guy, you can see it in his eyes and speech pattern, and in, most frighteningly, his behavior.’

Deutsch didn’t leave it at that, adding what he believes is the explanation for Trump’s behavior — the ongoing Russia investigation.

Indeed, so much of the president’s most belligerent behavior has been connected to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation of his team. That’s been the context for his rabid attacks on the news media, and it’s been the context for him accusing the Democrats of wild crimes. Just this week on Twitter, he revived the allegation that his team had been placed under improper surveillance by the Obama Administration.

As Deutsch put it:

‘I think he’s feeling the noose around his neck tightening with Mueller. I think that’s driving a lot of this. If you think about his mental state now, layer into it a guy who’s getting further and further backed in a corner, that is only going to heighten… I think there’s a new level, and I think we’re going to see it heightened as these two stories are coming together. His mental health and the Russian inquiry are coming together, and it’s going to crescendo in more insane behavior.’

The noose is most certainly tightening, with it having come out this Friday that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was set to plead guilty to lying to the FBI, a plea indicative of cooperation with the office of Special Counsel Mueller.

Check out video of Deutsch on MSNBC below.

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