BREAKING: Richard Spencer Wages Disturbing Show Of Force Outside White House


If there’s one thing that can definitively be said about Donald Trump’s rise to power, it’s that it gave numerous violent factions of American society — such as the white nationalists led by Richard Spencer — an excuse to come out in the open more than they were before.

In the months since Trump’s election and inauguration, white nationalists have made a number of organized shows of force, including perhaps most infamously in Charlottesville, Virginia, back in August, when a large gathering of those allied with Spencer sparked violence that left three dead.

The president, it’s worth noting, was hesitant to offer any special condemnation of the white nationalists, instead lumping them in together with counterprotesters.

Now, Spencer and his minions have brought their anger to Washington, D.C., yet again. (Spencer was in D.C. around the time of Trump’s inauguration when he was famously punched in the face.)

Spencer and his self-righteous buddies are angry this time with a recent verdict in the trial of undocumented immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate out in California, who was acquitted on charges of murder and manslaughter stemming from him killing a woman named Kate Steinle.

The argument in the trial was over whether or not the killing was accidental; interests have pointed out in the after math of the controversial verdict that the prosecutors may have set their stakes too high through not presenting a charge of manslaughter by gross negligence, which is a misdemeanor. If they’d done so, they would have no doubt had a better chance at securing a guilty verdict against Zarate.

Rather, prosecutors presented a charge of manslaughter with criminal intent, which is a felony. Criminal intent is of course harder to prove than gross negligence, and there was apparently grossly insufficient witness testimony to corroborate either the defense’s argument — that Zarate did not act with criminal intent — or the prosecution’s argument that he did. With no proof, jurors couldn’t go along with ruling him guilty.

None of this legal explanation for the seemingly unsatisfactory verdict pleased the white nationalists, however. Their argument is that because one undocumented immigrant is a criminal, that means that every immigrant is a threat.

It’s not as though anyone called for a ban on white men in the United States after Stephen Paddock opened fire on a Las Vegas country music festival and killed almost 60 people — but here the white nationalists are anyway.

On Sunday, Spencer led a laughably small group of supporters in a protest outside of the White House. The alt-right protesters chanted “Build Kate’s wall!” — as if a wall is going to stop the problem of gun violence in the United States.

Check out Spencer’s video of the protesters below.

Spencer and his minions were, unsurprisingly, met by counterprotesters — check out a video of them below.

D.C. area news outlet WTOP reported that “D.C. police said that, to their knowledge, there were no arrests and both groups dispersed rather quickly.”

Trump, for his part, is on the white nationalists’ side yet again in this instance, having recently posted a message to Twitter to that effect.

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Remember though, it’s not as though a wall is actually a good idea in any respect at all.

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