Mueller Eyes Pence In Trump/Russia Probe, WH Aides Fear The Worst (DETAILS)


Washington was rocked after retired LT. General Michael Flynn was charged with one count of lying to the FBI about the nature of conversations that took place between himself and the Russian ambassador prior to President Trump taking office. This bombshell left many in Washington on the edge of their seats, in fear that Flynn’s charges will open a can of worms for the Trump administration where Russia is involved.

It seems that this concern reaches all the way to the top dogs. It was reported on Tuesday that Vice President Pence’s aides are anxious about the possibility of special counsel Robert Mueller summoning Pence for questioning regarding Russia. Sources close to Pence’s office told CNN that Flynn’s  guilty plea will likely allow Mueller to question Pence.

Of course, Pence has denied that he knew anything about the nature of the talks between Flynn and the Russian ambassador, and if he is lying, Mueller putting him on the stand under oath could be a huge deal.

Transition officials told CNN that Pence was aware Flynn had been in contact with Russia but was left in the dark about the nature of the conversations. Pence’s competence has been called in to question by many, as at the time that Flynn contacted the then Russian ambassador to discuss sanctions Pence was leading the Trump transition team and should have been aware of why Flynn was doing.

Sources close to Pence reported that his aides are preparing, on the off chance they get called for an interview with Mueller. “Chairing the transition would make it possible regardless of who it was,” the source stated.

Pence’s office, however, denies all allegations that they are preparing for a future interview with Mueller. Pence’s spokeswoman Alyssa Farah told CNN:

‘Nothing could be further from the truth. The vice president is focused on passing the largest tax cut in American history.’

Court filings which were unsealed last week, paired with emerging details about the president’s knowledge of events, point to a large circle of advisers being aware of what Flynn and the Russian ambassador discussed during their phone conversation. It is hard to believe that with all of these people aware that Flynn had done this, that the Vice President remained as in the dark as he’d like to appear.

The vice president has been careful up to this point to keep a distance from the Russia probe, however, Flynn’s charges may have just blown all of Pence’s hard work pretending to be left out of the loop.

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