JUST IN: Investigative Journalist To Run For GOP Congressional Seat (DETAILS)


Things are beginning to heat up as the 2018 elections draw near. With Hillary Clinton carrying several districts that would have been considered Republican beforehand, Democrats hope this will lead to a Renaissance for their party in the mid-term congressional elections.

Several Democrats have signed on to challenge Representative Pete Sessions, who represents the 32nd congressional district in the House, for his seat. Now, a well-known reporter for WFAA in Dallas is joining that fight.

WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 22: House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) chairs a meeting of the House Rules Committee meeting to set the rules for debate and amendments on H.R.1628, the American Health Care Act, on Capitol Hill, March 22, 2017 in Washington. A vote on the Republican-led health care bill is tentatively scheduled for Thursday in the House. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Brett Shipp resigned from his position at WFAA as an investigative reporter on Tuesday for a chance to challenge Rep. Sessions. According to their website, WFAA described him as a veteran journalist.

‘For 22 years, Shipp has worked at WFAA, winning the top journalism awards in broadcasting. Those include three Peabody Awards, two duPont Silver Batons and a duPont Gold Baton.’

They noted his father was also a reporter at WFAA for 40 years.

One issue though with Shipp’s decision to run is the fact he’s already fairly behind in his fundraising efforts. However, other Democrats in the race are also behind when compared to Rep. Sessions.

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The top fundraiser only had $440,000 on hand compared to Sessions’ $1.2 million.

However, during the presidential election, Hillary Clinton actually took the 32nd district which gives Democrats hope that they will prove to be a formidable opponent to Sessions – who has been a representative of the district for over 10 years.

Democrats do have ample evidence to use against Sessions if they push hard enough, however. In 2010, Sessions made racist comments after asking, “How often can you go see a bunch of white guys play basketball?”

Furthermore, he’s opposed several measures to combat climate change. However, he once spearheaded an effort to have magic recognized as a national treasure. That’s not a joke. In 2016, he said:

‘This is art. Magic is art. Only those that are detractors have caused the pitching of this the wrong way.’

WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 2: Committee chairman U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) attends a House Rules Committee meeting February 2, 2015 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The committee meets to formulate a rule on H.R.596, to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and health care-related provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. (Photo by Oliver Douliery/Getty Images)

Furthermore, Democrats can use the fact that Sessions voted for banning gay men and women from adopting in Washington D.C. against him. He’s also voted against the reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act.

If Democrats start focusing on taking Sessions down now, it is entirely reasonable that Sessions could be knocked out of the House of Representatives. One thing Democrats are going to need to keep in mind is that they need to reach the people – not just the deep pockets of rich donors. Hillary Clinton outspent Donald Trump easily and still lost an election that should have been guaranteed.

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