W.H. Offers Lame Excuse For Trump’s Slurred Speech – No One’s Buying This (VIDEO)


The world watched in growing alarm as the president of the United States slurred his way through one of the most criticized moves of his presidency. Was it drugs? Alcohol? Was he having a stroke? Were his dentures slipping? Does he have dementia?

According to the White House, it was nothing more than “dry mouth.” Because everyone slurs like a drunk when their mouth is dry and the president doesn’t know to reach for a sip of water when he’s making an announcement that affects and may end in the deaths of millions of Palestinians, Israelis, and people in the Middle East.

Trump’s endless sniffling during speeches, as well as during the presidential debates, were already alarming. Speculation abounded that Trump was regularly using cocaine to get him through the rigors of campaigning and serving in the White House.

His slurred speech on Wednesday night, however, felt even more strange. The president went on national television and couldn’t even effectively utter the phrase “United States of America.” This is the man leading the country.

White House spokesman Raj Shah dismissed concerns when asked about the frightening moment by reporters.

‘His throat was dry. There’s nothing to it.’

Pressed on concerns about Trump’s health, Shah flippantly dismissed those questions, as well.

‘I know what you’re getting at. I’m saying there’s nothing to it.’

After months of hearing how Hillary Clinton’s moment of exhaustion from pneumonia led to her stumbling while climbing into a van surely meant that she was brain damaged, on the verge of death, and suffering from every major illness ever known, Americans are now wondering if the truly ill or substance abusing candidate was elected to office.

The moment caused great controversy on social media, and some of those responses can be read below.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube