Justice Dept. Declares War On Planned Parenthood & The Debunked Reason Is Enraging


In a world that seems to be taking steps to support women, the U.S. Federal government seems to be actively working against them.  Amid continual accusations and consequential firings of men accused of sexual harassment and assault, the Justice Department seems to have their own idea about how women should be treated in this country.

Last night, The Daily Beast reported the Justice Department has taken steps to investigate Planned Parenthood over their fetal tissue practices.  This all came out in a letter sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee this Thursday, December 6th.

The head of the Justice Department’s office of legislative affairs has sent the letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee requesting documents from an investigation conducted on Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue practices. The Daily Beast read this letter and reported that the documents they requested are “for investigative use.”

Although Planned Parenthood did not immediately produce a response to the letter, their website now states that very  few of its affiliates have shared fetal tissue with researchers.  Planned Parenthood posted on their website that the investigation is a “smear campaign” against the organization and is a “coordinated attempt to block women’s access to health care.”

The statement continued by listing the three principles they wanted to make clear during their investigation.  First, they made it clear that “fetal tissue donation for medical research has led to lifesaving scientific breakthroughs that have saved millions of people’s lives, and this research has long had bipartisan support.”  Secondly, they established that “Planned Parenthood affiliates in just two states, representing one percent of the organization’s health centers, are involved in fetal tissue research,” and declared that the affiliates “are involved in this work because it can improve public health and because their patients have requested it.”  Finally, Planned Parenthood declared that the organization “has had clear guidance in place for more than a decade to ensure that this work, like every other service Planned Parenthood provides, follows high ethical and medical standards and complies with all laws.”  The statement assured readers that “the guidance in this area goes above and beyond the legal requirements.”

Like any professional organization, Planned Parenthood then released the scientific research that supports the use of fetal tissue research and the life changing insight it provides.  The organization’s twitter account has launched a new campaign that demonstrates Americans of all backgrounds supporting access to birth control and health care in reaction to the investigation.


Pro-Life activists, however, are having a field day with the investigation of Planned Parenthood.  Tom McClusky, vice president of government affairs at the March for Life, reportedly stated:

‘I think it’s fantastic, and I think the House and Senate should follow up by defunding Planned Parenthood.  There’s no way taxpayer funds should be going to an organization under investigation like this.’

Although the Trump administration attempted to demonstrate a relationship of sorts with Planned Parenthood, sending Ivanka Trump to a meeting with the organization just after the 2016 election, they have since declared war on the non-profit and the affordable services they provide for women.

Featured Image by Saul Loeb of Getty Images.