Jared Kushner Goes Into Freak Out Mode As Undisclosed Financial Dealings Probed (DETAILS)


Jared Kushner has been in some hot water lately. For starters, he’s the senior adviser to a president whose administration is literally falling apart as the Mueller investigation forges on. Second, his personal business ventures, which take the form of Kushner Companies, are becoming an area of interest for the media. Kushner Companies has been known to operate in corrupt ways and take advantage of less financially stable people.

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Now, several media companies, including The Associated Press, The Washington Post, and The Baltimore Sun are trying to obtain the names of those investing in Kushner’s apartment building in the state of Maryland. The media outlets are taking this so seriously that they have formally filed a motion in federal court, to obtain the names of the investors. News outlets have stated that they have a “presumptive right” to obtain the identities of the investors.

However, Kushner has pushed back against this notion, saying that the names of the investors must not be revealed due to privacy rights. Kushner asserted that the media only wants to know the identities of the investors for “politically motivated” reasons.

The New York Times stated that Kushner’s properties were plagued by “poor upkeep,” which led the attorney general of Maryland, Brian Frosh, to take a closer look at the properties.

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The Baltimore Sun also reported that Kushner Companies had been utilizing somewhat aggressive strategies to make sure that debts were paid off, including arresting several tenants who were indebted to Kushner companies.

Several weeks ago, half a dozen residents of Brooklyn, who were also tenants of Kushner, took it upon themselves to go to the state’s supreme court. There, they filed a report against Kushner Companies, stating that Kushner, an extremely wealthy real estate mogul and businessman, was conducting business with them in an illegal manner. According to the tenants, Kushner was intentionally charging them according to the rent rates determined by the free markets as opposed to the legal, stabilized rates.

Kushner Companies is a successful real estate company, historically speaking. The real estate’s more notable properties can be found in the northern part of the United States, in states such as New York and New Jersey. The famous Puck Building is owned by Kushner Companies, and located in New York City.

Jared Kushner is not a stranger to illegal activity. His father, Charles Kushner was also engaged in corruption, and busted for his actions in the years past. Although Charles Kushner founded the company, he was unable to remain in control of it for as long as he had hoped he would. He was charged with tax evasion and witness tampering, and went to prison while his son Jared took over the company.

Jared joined the Trump family when he married Donald’s daughter Ivanka in 2009.

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Even worse, this isn’t even the first time that Kushner has been sued for illegally inflating rent rates and taking advantage of his tenants. It’s actually the third time that Kushner has been accused of such corruption. Most recently, Kushner’s Brooklyn tenant, who lives at 18 Sydney Place, are calling for the rent rates to be stabilized, and rightfully so.

For whatever reason, some people have criticized the lawsuit, claiming Kushner’s actions are permissible. In particular, Christine Taylor has publicly asserted that the lawsuits are ” without merit.”

Kushner’s actions in the context of his business endeavors must be monitored in order to ensure that no one else is taken advantage of by such a large, powerful company.

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