Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston Shame Trump On Climate Change In Hilarious Late Night Skit


Since the election and taking office of Donald Trump, the debate surrounding climate change and policy actions needed to combat it have increased immensely. While those accepting scientific evidence regarding the issue are encouraging and emphasizing the need to implement meaningful reform, others have remained steadfast on the claims that climate change is a fabrication.

In a recent skit on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston are featured using humor to shed light on the very true realities that are forthcoming, if no such reforms are applied. By satirically replacing the concept of climate change with that of gravity, McCarthy acts as the common denier, claiming that gravity is a falsification spread by mainstream media to manipulate individuals. McCarthy draws on, essentially, completely outrageous arguments that are likely to mirror the unwarranted claims of climate change deniers, until the introduction of Aniston, who then attempts to use practical reasoning and scientific evidence to prove to her counterpart that gravity is a very real thing.

In one instance, as Aniston claims that every single scientist and expert have confirmed the idea that gravity exists, McCarthy fires back claiming:

‘Exactly. Every. Single. Scientist. Every single one? Isn’t that a little fishy?’

The satirical outcry is aimed at discrediting the irrelevant arguments made by climate change deniers in the face of scientific evidence, as they continue to forgo the visible realities of what environmental degradation has caused.

Since taking office in January of this year, the Trump administration has seemingly done everything in their authority to reduce pro-environment legislation, both within the United States and on the international scene. In June, Trump controversially announced that the U.S. will be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords as soon as legally possible. Although according to the frameworks of the agreement, the U.S. cannot formally remove itself until 2020, Trump has made it clear that he has every intention of doing so.

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Trump has also made his environmental disregard quite apparent within the U.S., making the decision earlier this week to reduce the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, two natural national monuments in Colorado. The move is seemingly aimed at rolling back another Democratic accomplishment, which former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton helped to designate. By scaling back nearly 2 million acres of the monuments, it leaves the region without federal protection, allowing commercial developers, loggers, and oil and gas companies freedom to industrialize the natural environment.

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Since being inaugurated, Trump has set his sights on an array of opportunities and benefits which had been established by the previous administration. His blatant attacks on the environment, unwillingness to accept any form of climate change evidence, and behavior on the international scene has led to a great deal of outcry from experts and influencers alike. Although the clip by Anniston and McCarthy is a comedic and satirical one, the inherent message of their skit is quite clear. If we, as a country, continue to forgo the realities of climate change and environmental degradation, the permanent consequences will be dire.

For the full video, see below:

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