Trump Forced RNC Chairwoman To Change Her Name, The Reason Why Is Insane (DETAILS)


As if the Republican party hasn’t already turned into enough of a crazed group of sycophants, newly revealed details about the orders Trump gave the RNC chairman, Ronna McDaniels, really takes the cake.

From the outside, you would think that Donald trump and Mitt Romney are good friends. After all, they are members of the same party and have historically been aligned with each other in terms of their opposition of former president Barack Obama.

Here they are sitting and smiling together at a table in November of last year:

Photographer: John Angelillo/Pool via Bloomberg

They look pretty happy, objectively speaking. They are both smiling; well Donald certainly is, and Mitt Romney is too if you count that facial expression as a smile.

However, although the pair may appear to have been happy at the moment in which this picture was taken in 2016, Romney is now a critic of the president. He denounced Roy Moore when he was accused of sexually assaulting several women, some of which were in their teens at the time. In contrast, Donald Trump has explicitly and continuously endorsed Roy Moore on multiple occasions.

The apparent distance between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump is deeply rooted. In fact, Donald Trump felt that Romney was so distasteful, that he asked Romney’s niece, Ronna, Romney McDaniel, to stop publicly using her middle name when she became the Republican National Committee chairwoman several months ago.

(Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Even though Trump later backtracked, stating that McDaniel was free to do whatever she wanted, Trump’s pressure worked, and McDaniel dropped the name. She has rarely used it in the context of official party communications ever since he asked. It is thought that Trump wished to distance the GOP and the Republican party as a whole from Mitt Romney, by detaching his name from the Leadership of the Republican National Convention.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Romney is planning to run for a Senate seat in Utah in the year to come, and Trump is not happy about it. In fact, the White House is worried that if Romney held a seat in the Senate, he would have an even larger platform from which he could spew anti-Trump rhetoric.

But Donald and Mitt weren’t always enemies.

Remember when Mitt Romney ran for president in 2012 against Barack Obama? Well although Romney lost, Donald Trump was an avid supporter of Romney and even endorsed him for president. “It’s my honor, real honor, to endorse Mitt Romney,” he said. He also said that Romney¬† had “an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works and to create jobs.” Trump said the following of the then presidential candidate:

‘That was a long time prior to my getting to know him. But I have gotten to know him and he’s a terrific guy. I don’t know if he really comes out like he really is in person. He’s a warm, smart, tough cookie and that’s what this country needs. We need somebody that’s tough, that will stop China and OPEC and all these other nations from just ripping us up. And I think he can do it.’

Later, after Romney lost, Donald Trump flipped the script and called Romney a “stone-cold leader” for blowing his chance to win the election and kick Obama out of office. although Romney and Trump may appear to be cohesive from the outside, a closer look at the history shoes that the two have long since had a rocky relationship.

(Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

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