BREAKING: Another GOP Lawmaker Accused Of Child Molestation; Resignation Demanded


Alabama Senator Roy Moore (R) has been running for reelection despite the fact that several women have alleged that he assaulted them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30’s. Some GOP lawmakers have urged him to discontinue the race, but Trump officially endorsed him about a week ago, just before the election is set to happen on Tuesday, December 12.

Now it appears that Alabama isn’t the only state where Republican lawmakers molest teenage girls. On Monday, the Republican Party of Kentucky called for one GOP state representative to resign after reports came out that he is accused of molesting a 17 year-old girl in 2012.

Mac Brown, the chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky said:

‘Last October, after local media reports about reprehensible and racist posts on his Facebook page, we asked then-candidate Dan Johnson to drop out of the race for State Representative. Following today’s extensively sourced and documented story from the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, we once again find ourselves in a position where we must call for him to resign, this time, from the Kentucky General Assembly.

‘The Kentucky Democratic Party also called on Johnson to resign, saying “Kentucky families deserve better.”’

Mary Nishimuta, the executive director for the Kentucky Democratic Party said:

‘Given the seriousness of these allegations, Rep. Johnson should step down immediately. This is indicative of a corrupt culture in Frankfort that the Republican party continues to accept.’

Nishimuta’s point is dead on except for the fact that the Republican party across the country has long been condoning this type of corrupt culture, exemplified by a president who himself has been accused of sexual assault by several women.

Rachel Crooks, a former Bayrock Group receptionist who accused Trump of kissing her on the mouth without her consent in 2005 said:
‘This was serial misconduct and perversion on the part of Mr. Trump. Unfortunately, this behavior isn’t rare in our society, and people of all backgrounds can be victims. The only reason I am here today is that this offender is now the President of our country.’

According to the Lexington Herald Leader:
‘On New Year’s Eve in 2012, Dan Johnson, who was elected to the state House in 2016, allegedly forcibly kissed, groped and used his finger to penetrate then 17-year-old Maranda Richmond, despite her asking him to stop, according to a report by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.’
Johnson, who is nicknamed “Pope,” is the bishop of the Heart of Fire Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Maranda Richmond was a member of the church at the time and told The Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting that she viewed Johnson as a “second Dad.”
In April of 2013, Richmond disclosed the incident to police but after she and her father failed to get Johnson to confess on tape, the Louisville Metro Police Department closed the investigation and never interviewed him. However, the LMPD did later open the case.
The Herald Leader reported:
‘The allegations against Johnson make him the fifth Republican state lawmaker to be accused of sexual misconduct. In October, four GOP members of the Kentucky House of Representatives secretly settled a claim of sexual harassment made by a legislative employee.’
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has called on all four of them to resign, but he said on Monday that he knew nothing about Dan Johnson’s allegations. Bevin said:
‘I don’t want to talk about all this nonsense, gracious, lets wait until we get all the facts. You guys are like ricochet rabbits on this stuff.’
Bevin did say this about state lawmakers:

‘There is an expectation of a higher moral authority. Is that fair? Maybe, maybe not. But the reality is, it has ever been thus. There is a moral authority, there is an expectation of integrity, there is an expectation of following the law, there is an expectation of setting the standard of behavior.’

The House Republican leadership was not available for comment, but the Kentucky House Democratic leaders in a joint statement, said:

‘The allegations of felony sexual abuse and other crimes against Rep. Dan Johnson are deeply troubling and demand his resignation from the House of Representatives. All of his unlawful acts should be investigated to the fullest extent, but we particularly urge the appropriate law enforcement agencies to carefully re-examine accusations of sexual misconduct so that justice is secured for his alleged victim.’

Dan Johnson has previously been accused of other highly unacceptable behaviors, and was asked to step down by the Republican Party of Kentucky after he posted racist images on his Facebook page, which were called “outrageous” by RPK chariman Mac Brown.

This video was created one year ago, but is still relevant to the GOP culture that is alive and well:

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