BREAKING: GOP Hero & Leader Accused Of Violent Molestation; Responds Like A Monster


Another politician has fallen due to his alleged penchant for young girls. Sexual abuse knows no boundaries except power over the other person, and of course, politics and the ministry are filled with the powerful men. As the days go by and more women courageously call out these men for their crimes, our culture’s fabric has changed. We are experiencing a transformative moment in time.

The change started when strong, successful women in the film industry called out Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, and others believed them. In fact, Weinstein’s appetite for assaulting women who came to him looking for work was an open secret. People began to go down like a row of dominoes: journalist and author Mark Halperin and NPR executive Michael Oreskes. Debatably, one of the most powerful men at NBC, Matt Lauer, went down as did NPR’s Charlie Rose.

Now, 100 members of the U.S. Congress have called for Donald Trump to step down from his job as president of the United States amid a growing collection of women who claimed he abused them.

Preacher and Republican representative from Bullitt County, Kentucky, Dan Johnson, was one of the latest alleged abusers. A member of his Fern Creek church accused him of sexually abusing her when she was 17-years-old. She said he molested her in 2012, after a New Year’s party.

Both Republican and Democratic officials have called for Johnson to leave the state congress. The congressman refused to resign.


Chairman of the Kentucky Republican Party, Mac Brown, called for Dan Johnson’s resignation in a statement to the Courier-Journal:

‘Following today’s extensively sourced and documented story from the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, we once again find ourselves in a position where we must call for him to resign, this time, from the Kentucky General Assembly.’

This was not Johnson’s first offense. Republican officials asked him to quit for posting racist images on his Facebook page. These included images of President Barack and Mrs. Michelle Obama depicting them as monkeys.

Kentucky House Speaker Pro Tempore David Osborne, House Majority Leader Jonathan Shell, Majority Whip Kevin Bratcher, and Majority Caucus Chairman David Meade referred to the allegations about Johnson in a statement, the Courier-Journal reported:

‘The victim’s statements, made on the record in her own name, are compelling and deeply troubling. Based on the information presented in this report, we are calling on Representative Johnson to resign.’

The Kentucky Democratic Party Executive Director Mary Nishimuta also demanded that Johnson step down immediately:

‘This is indicative of a corrupt culture in Frankfort that the Republican Party continues to accept. Kentucky’s families deserve better.’

Three additional congressmen called for Johnson to be investigated: House Democratic Leader Rocky Adkins, House Democratic Caucus Chair Dennis Keene, and House Democratic Whip Wilson Stone. They released a statement, too:

‘The allegations of felony sexual abuse and other crimes against Rep. Dan Johnson are deeply troubling…We particularly urge the appropriate law enforcement agencies to carefully re-examine accusations of sexual misconduct so that justice is secured for his alleged victim.’


Johnson is the second state representative asked to step down within a month. Republican State Representative, Jeff Hoover, resigned as speaker of the House. According to the Courier Journal, he settled a sexual harassment claim with a member of his staff using donor money. His aide also said the representative had a sexual relationship with a staff member

Spokeswoman for Governor Matt Bevin, Amanda Stamper, sent an email to the Courier-Journal stating:

Governor Bevin has been consistent from the beginning. Any elected Kentucky official who has a sexual assault or harassment claim that has been settled, proven or admitted to be true, should resign.’

‘I don’t want to talk about all this nonsense, gracious, lets wait until we get all the facts. You guys are like ricochet rabbits on this stuff.’

Featured Images via John Ferguson Twitter Page.