Red-Neck Roy Moore Caught Riding Farm Animal To Voting Booth & Images Have Gone Viral


Today is the day that Alabama will decide whether the accused child molester, Republican Roy Moore, will win out over Democrat Doug Moore in the senate race that has so many people locked onto the news. Aside from his alleged criminal activities, Moore is just a bit on the far side of unusual.

He decided he would ride his horse, Sassy, to the voting polls. His wife accompanied him, riding behind her husband. The twice-fired judge wanted to make a big splash when he arrived. That was probably a good idea, given that he has been in hiding for weeks.

Of course, we should not have expected this Alabama man to carry out a traditional race in any way. Former campaign CEO to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, plucked Moore from the lower levels of hell, dusted him off, and placed him in front of the public.

Hopefully, that will prove a bad choice.

Check out Moore and Sassy on their way to vote in the video below:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Joe Raedle.