The Alabama Senate Race Has Been Called, Hold On To Your Hats (DETAILS)


A contentious race for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat has dominated the news, with an alleged pedophile running neck-in-neck against the man who prosecuted the KKK members who burned a church and killed four little girls.

Finally, that election has been called. Democrat Doug Jones will take his seat in the U.S. Senate after winning Tuesday’s election. Despite attempts to suppress the vote in poorer communities – where disproportionate numbers of black voters live – an attorney who fought for civil rights beat out a former judge who called for the criminalization of LGBTQ citizens, said he might be inclined to agree with Putin that gay people should be put to death, and certain religious beliefs should exclude people from being elected to government offices.

The election marks a string of losses for Trump-endorsed candidates. In the Virginia governor’s race, in which Democrat Ralph Northam beat Ed Gillespie by a nearly 10-point margin, Trump had tweeted his support of the Republican candidate ahead of that vote.

Virginia’s economy is actually doing fairly well, with an unemployment rate significantly lower than the national average, but that doesn’t really fit Trump’s “only I can fix it” narrative. Immediately after Gillespie won the race, Trump decided to blame Gillespie’s failure to agree with Trump on absolutely everything instead of seeing his loss as a reaction to Trump’s terrible policies and disastrous approval ratings.

USA Today recorded the many tweets Trump sent supporting Roy Moore’s challenger in the Alabama primaries, Luther Strange, which he has since deleted from his account as soon as Strange lost his bid.

  • Sept. 25: “Big election tomorrow in the Great State of Alabama. Vote for Senator Luther Strange, tough on crime & border – will never let you down!”
  • Sept. 26: “Luther Strange has been shooting up in the Alabama polls since my endorsement. Finish the job – vote today for ‘Big Luther.'”
  • Sept. 26: “ALABAMA, get out and vote for Luther Strange – he has proven to me that he will never let you down! #MAGA”

Trump has doubled down in recent days in his support of Roy Moore, insisting that tax cuts for the top 1% are far too important to risk keeping an alleged pedophile who will more than likely be under investigation the minute his vote for the tax bill is cast from the U.S. Senate.

Never mind that Doug Jones is a veteran himself – not that Trump the Bone Spur Deferment Guy would know – Trump loves to use the military in his talking points and to pretend that he really “gets” poor Southerners and the issues they care about.

Although Trump told reporters he had “concerns” about the allegations against Roy Moore and would not be campaigning for him as a result, Trump did head to Pensacola, Florida – mere minutes from Moore’s voting district – for a rally in which he endorsed Roy Moore and called for his rabid fans to get out and vote for him.

Congratulations to Doug Jones, and a sincere thank you to everyone in Alabama for electing the right man for the right job in the U.S. Senate!

Featured image via Getty/Joe Raedle