Trump Wakes Up At 4 AM To Sexually Harass A U.S. Senator On Twitter Like A Dirty Old Man


When making a list of the most shocking and disgusting things Donald Trump has ever said about women (“grab ’em by the p*ssy” comes to mind), his latest tweet tops all the rest. This is what sexual harassment looks like.

Perhaps Trump doesn’t realize that making lewd, sexual comments about a female colleague is sexual harassment? If there was ever a moment of irony in the world, complaining about victims who have accused you of sexual assault and sexual harassment while sexually harassing a woman you work with wins the award for Most Ironic (and Disgusting) Moment of the Year.

Make no mistake: Trump is implying that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has been an outspoken voice in this watershed #MeToo moment for women who are standing up and banding together to fight men who have abused their power to harm women, is a whore willing to “do anything” for money. She’s somehow both a Chuck Schumer puppet and disloyal to the Democrats all in one tweet, but it is his insinuation that Gillibrand comes to him “begging” and is willing to “do anything” that may have just sealed Donald Trump’s fate and proves what a lecherous old man he really is.

Twitter was shocked because America somehow still expects decency from a U.S. president. Some of their comments are below.

Featured image via Getty/Saul Loeb