Man Whose Gay Child Committed Suicide Calls Out Roy Moore’s Anti-LGBT Stance


T’was the night before Alabama Senate elections, and all was a Twitter. One video making the rounds on social media, however, was absolutely heart-breaking.

Nathan Mathis wants an explanation. He is speaking up to CBS about Roy Moore’s views on homosexuality outside a rally last evening for Alabama Senate candidate , Roy Moore.

Nathan Mathis had a gay daughter who committed suicide.  He admitted he did not handle his daughter being lesbian as well as he should have, but regrets that. He feels he misunderstood and it never changed his love for his daughter. It’s a thought he’ll carry with him for the rest of his life.

Nathan Mathis told CBS last night:

‘Today we got a man running for U.S Senate. He called my daughter a pervert, just because she was gay.’

He is appealing to the public, and wants Americans to really look at what they are voting for. He felt he had a chance to ask Americans if they wanted Roy Moore, who is currently being investigated for allegations of sexual assault of several women. These are daughters of the Americans he is hoping to get votes from?

Nathan Mathis realized that now is the time as an American to say,  “no, we don’t want an anti-LGBTQ pervert representing the Alabama Senate.” If the sexual misconduct allegations against Republican Roy Moore are true, then what does that do for his credibility?

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is known for anti-LGBT opinion. His rulings as Alabama’s Supreme Court judge showed a vehemence towards the LGBT community.  During a radio interview in 2005, he commented that “homosexual conduct should be illegal.”  He also considers bestiality and homosexuality to be the same.
President Donald Trump supports Roy Moore. President Trump only needs to secure the Alabama Senate for a Republican. After all,  President Trump has been very clear about not wanting a Democrat in the Alabama Senate. How long Roy Moore lasts will depend on ongoing investigations. Given the allegations Roy Moore is facing, it is interesting that President Donald Trump, only a few days ago tweeted:
‘There are powerful forces in Washington trying to sabotage our movement. These are bad people. These are very bad and evil people. These are the people who made their money, their names, their careers and their power off a corrupt and broken system.’
Featured Image screenshot of CNN video.