NY Daily News Trolls Trump’s Roy Moore Loss With Cover Photo That Has Donald Reeling


One would think that, at least in Trump’s own hometown, he would have some support. Of course, one would also think in one of the reddest of red states, a Republican candidate could win a Senate race, especially with the president’s support. One would be wrong.

Image via @Amy_Siskind

In the perfect riff on Roy Moore’s ridiculous cowboy entrance to the voting polls on Tuesday, the NY Daily News used the ever-popular “f*ck you and the horse you rode in on” to say goodbye to the alleged pedophile who thinks women shouldn’t be allowed to vote and that slavery made America great. It’s a fitting send-off to one of the worst candidates to ever run for public office.

Donald Trump was not a happy guy on Wednesday morning even before seeing the NY Daily News.  With a string of endorsed candidates who have lost elections with Trump’s support, the president is looking more like a sure loser than a “bigly” winner. Instead of sticking to his Tuesday night concession tweet, which was far too calm and presidential for anyone to believe that Trump actually typed it, he went into panic mode and began insisting that he had called it all along.

A tweet that is spelled properly, has no unnecessarily and incorrectly capitalized words, and no insults is too obvious to have come from Trump. The Wednesday morning tweet was much more likely his own words.

The second tweet sounds much more like Trump. He couldn’t possibly have been wrong; in fact, he tried to tell everyone all along that Roy Moore couldn’t win. After all, the “deck was stacked against” a Republican candidate in a ruby-red state who hasn’t elected a Democrat for the Senate in more than 20 years. It is almost as if he, as well as the rest of the GOP, doesn’t get that running a terrible candidate with disgustingly controversial views on women, civil rights, Muslims, and black voters are not candidates that will appeal to even their most die-hard voters.

At the end of the day, Alabama chose not to send a alleged pedophile to represent them in the Senate. Black voters in particular are responsible for saving the day and speaking out against a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic candidate who had no business representing anyone, much less black voters and other women.

After Trump’s loss in the Alabama primaries, he deleted every tweet in which he endorsed Moore’s opponent, Luther Strange. After his loss in Virginia, Trump blamed his endorsed candidate, Ed Gillespie, for not “fully embracing” the Trump agenda. Now, Trump insists that it wasn’t his loss; in fact, it’s a win since he was right once again. Unfortunately for him, the NY Daily News as well as every voter in America (but especially in Alabama) isn’t buying it.

Moore refused to concede the election and told voters that he would challenged the 21,000 votes that lost the race for him. Just like Trump, he refuses to admit that he lost.

Trump lost. Roy Moore lost. Ed Gillespie lost. Luther Strange lost. And Democrats are ready for a blue wave of wins thanks to Trump’s disastrous agenda.

Featured image via Getty/Brendan Smialowski