Trump Goes On Second Fear-Filled AM Roy Moore Rant & This Time He Is Beyond Pissed


Donald Trump is losing his mind since Roy Moore lost Alabama’s election Tuesday night, and his child-like anger is plastered all over the president’s ridiculous social media page Wednesday morning. Trump put all his eggs in Moore’s pedophile basket, sending out his overwhelming endorsement more than once, even after his daughter Ivanka said on network news that there was a “special place in hell” for people who prey on children.

Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted the following message, but that’s not where he stopped:

Hours later, Trump tweeted the following continuation of this morning’s 3AM mega rant:

Trump is terrified of Republicans losing the majority because he knows exactly what will happen if and when the GOP is no longer in control of the House and Senate.

This, however, is the inevitable, and will be the beginning of the end for The Donald.

People are seriously losing their minds over this Roy Moore thing. Evangelicals are most livid, left reeling over the fact that Alabama voters chose a Democrat who prefers to date grown women over a Republican pedophile accused of harming more than one child.

The reactions to Trump’s tweet were even funnier than the tweet itself. We saved the best responses for you below: