Trump Responds To Roy Moore Loss With Epic 3AM Rage-Tweet Like An Overgrown Brat


Poor Trump. He’s not very good at picking candidates to endorse. In fact, every candidate he’s endorsed a president has lost. Every. Single. One. Is his rabid fan base tired of all the bigly winning yet?

Trump can pretend all he likes that the Tuesday night election was not a giant GOP loss if that’s what he needs to soothe his bruised ego, but the truth is that Alabama hasn’t elected a Democratic senator for over 23 years until Donald Trump decided to endorse an alleged pedophile who think slavery was the last time America was great and that the Civil Rights Act and allowing women and other black citizens to vote caused “problems.”

The president immediately switched from his insistence that he knew Moore would lose all along to more rants on his favorite subject: “fake news.” His sycophants at the state-run media show Fox & Friends were willing to help him out, calling out the mainstream media outlets for refusing to say that Trump is doing a great job and the presidency is not plagued with problems simply because that would be dishonest.

The good news for Trump is that his witless followers believe this nonsense, so perhaps he can convince them that Doug Jones didn’t really win. Maybe the “fake news” is lying to them and Roy Moore really will ride his horse all the way to Washington, D.C. to vote for Trump’s disastrous tax bill.

In addition to winning a Senate seat and watching the right man get elected, Democrats had another bonus on Wednesday morning. They got to point and laugh at this ridiculous president and the idiots he endorses for public office. Some of their thoughts can be seen below.

Featured image via Getty/Saul Loeb