Robin Roberts Has Hilarious Parting Message For Bitter Omarosa (VIDEO)


The White House lost yet another one of its high profile personalities this week, although their official end date of employment supposedly isn’t until next month.

Omarosa Manigault Newman worked as the African-American outreach director for Trump’s presidential campaign, and she was one of many who went from the campaign right into the White House, getting a job in the administration as the communications director of the White House Office of Public Liaison. Before her political work, she was a reality television star, having appeared on Donald Trump’s infamous reality television show The Apprentice at one point.

Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts was not impressed with Omarosa, offering up a simple comment on the occasion of her firing — “Bye, Felicia.”

Before that comment, Roberts quipped:

‘She said she has a story to tell, I’m sure she’ll be selling that story.’

Check out the video below.

It’s not even as though Omarosa would be alone among former Trump staffers in attempting to “sell” her story. Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, after an unsuccessful apparent attempt to land a steady job at one of the media outlets he spent his time in the Trump Administration bashing, recently announced that he would be writing a book.

As for Omarosa, she was reported to have been escorted from the White House after a dramatic confrontation with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, but she has — unsurprisingly — denied those reports. She and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders have both claimed that she resigned and wasn’t even fired.

The Secret Service has revealed, however — in the context of an assertion that they had nothing to do with any reported removal of Omarosa from the White House grounds — that they deactivated her pass which grants access to the White House complex.

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Notably, the Secret Service didn’t specify that Omarosa’s reported escort off of the White House grounds was, in fact, “alleged.” Rather, their statement treats it as a fact that she was removed from the complex. Reports emerged that Omarosa set off the alarms of the White House residence while trying to get to Trump to appeal her apparent firing by John Kelly.

omarosa1 Robin Roberts Has Hilarious Parting Message For Bitter Omarosa (VIDEO) Corruption Donald Trump Politics Top Stories

As for the take from other officials inside the complex on Omarosa’s firing, CNN indicates that Robin Roberts is not alone in her dismissal of Omarosa’s significance.

According to an unnamed White House official speaking to CNN, Omarosa was “considered to be a nonstop problem in the West Wing.”

Roberts wasn’t wrong or grasping at straws in saying that Omarosa no doubt has a hyped up story that she’s interested in selling.

GettyImages-8671907281 Robin Roberts Has Hilarious Parting Message For Bitter Omarosa (VIDEO) Corruption Donald Trump Politics Top Stories
WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 27: Director of Communications for the White House Public Liaison Office Omarosa Manigault listens during the daily press briefing at the White House, October 27, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Speaking to GMA’s Michael Strahan, Omarosa commented:

‘There were a lot of things that I observed during the last year that I was very unhappy with, that I was very uncomfortable with. Things that I observed, that I heard, that I listened to… I have seen things… that affected my community and my people.’

It’s not exactly as though it takes being inside the White House for the average person to ascertain that the Trump administration is composed of belligerent, mostly, incompetent racists as Omarosa seems to suggest. For instance, infamously, the president refused to single out white nationalists for any special condemnation following violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this fall. He has also routinely dismissed the concerns of African Americans as represented by the peaceful protests carried out by some NFL players ahead of football games.

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