Trump Gets Impeachment Vote From A Very Unlikely Source (DETAILS)


Since his election to the presidency, the question of Donald Trump’s impeachment has been in motion. Whether it has been liberal tweeters or marchers in movements such as the nation-wide Women’s March, Americans have been publicly wondering if and when Trump will be forced to leave office or at least impeached.

On a federal level, there have also been movements to push the president out of office.  Last week, the House of Representatives denied a motion by Democratic Representative Al Green of Texas to pursue articles of impeachment. Green’s movement argued that Donald Trump “brought disrepute, contempt, ridicule and disgrace on the presidency” and has also “sown discord among the people of the United States.”

Just 58 Democrats are in support of Representative Green’s movement, which is just about  a third of the caucus. Shea-Porter was one of four Democrats who voted “present.”

Although the movement was shut down on the forefront, Democrats from across the country, including in regions where Donald Trump won in the 2016 election, are voting to advance Trump’s impeachment. Democratic Representative Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire said in a statement on Thursday that she plans to cosponsor impeachment articles that are introduced by Democratic Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee. Prior to her endorsement, Democrats that supported Trump’s impeachment came from predominantly blue regions.

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 Shea-Porter actually cited Trump adversary, Republican Bob Corker of Tennessee, in her comments in support of impeachment, stating:
‘Many Members of Congress, including myself, agree with Republican Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker that President Trump poses a dangerous threat to national security and the future of our democracy. I believe it is past time for Members of Congress to put country before party and bring these discussions out into the open.’

Shea-Porter would technically be facing a rather difficult reelection next year in her district, where Trump won in 2016 by only 2 points. However, Shea-Porter announced in October that she plans to retire at the end of this present term.  This comes as a disappointment to Democrats, as she won back her district, a swing district, just this past November.  In the past seven years, Shea-Porter has traded her seat twice with a Republican.  However, over the past few weeks within special elections and speculations coming out of upcoming elections, it seems like Democrats will be gaining some ground within Congress.

Shear-Porter is by no means a newcomer when it comes to standing up to current President Donald Trump.  The New Hampshire Representative stands among dozens of Democrats who did not attend Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration in January of 2016. Instead, Shea-Porter attended religious services in order “to pray for all of our leaders and people” within the United States.

The New Hampshire Representative has also advocated for an investigation into Trump’s sexual misconduct. On December 12 she tweeted:

‘Together with almost 60 Congresswomen, I’m urging the House to investigate the many sexual misconduct allegations against President Donald Trump. Public officials must be held accountable for their behavior, regardless of office or party.’

The articles of impeachment brought forth by Representative Cohen state that Trump absolutely obstructed justice. In firing James Comey as FBI director, and particularly because it was amid the probe of Russia’s election meddling, Trump looks incredibly suspicious. The articles also hold that Donald Trump violated the foreign emoluments clause within the United States Constitution that bars the president from receiving gifts from foreign governments. President Trump accepted the gifts without the permission of Congress, thus undermining the American judiciary system and the public media.

As days go by, reasons to impeach Trump seems to be gaining legitimate ground.  The next few months will undoubtedly be telling about whether or not Trump will see a next term, let alone finish the one he is currently serving.

Featured Image by Spencer Platt via Getty Images.