Trump’s Strange Twitter Response To Omarosa’s Firing Leaves Americans Reeling


Earlier in the week, the White House released a statement that White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman tendered her resignation, and would continue to work into the new year, at which point she would officially vacate the position. However,  it seems that in true Trump administration fashion, the truth was slightly altered.

CNN’s April Ryan went on a tweet rampage, stating that Omarosa’s ousting was a lot more dramatic than the White House led on, as she did not willingly resign, but rather was removed from the White House with force. Ryan reported that Chief of staff John Kelly fired Omarosa and had her removed from the property, resulting in a stream of profanity from Omarosa, and a rant in which she claimed she helped Trump get elected, but it did not save her job.

After this bombshell news was dropped, the world looked to the president to possibly shed some light on the situation. Unfortunately, as he’s proved time and time again, offering clarity on situations is not within his capabilities. Instead of an explanation, the president merely tweeted out some half-hearted regards to the former White House aide.

Twitter users were quick to call the president out on his strange response to the situation, you can read some of the replies below.

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