W.H. Spokesperson Attacks FBI In Wild Friday Appearance On ‘Fox & Friends’ (VIDEO)


There’s a reason that the president’s apparent favorite program is Fox & Friends, with him live-tweeting the broadcasts on enough of a regular basis to make it clear just how much he watches the show. Fox goes out of its way to find the Trump-favoring story element in essentially every situation, no matter what interest they have to throw under the bus in the process.

On Friday, the show had White House spokesman J. Hogan Gidley on for a FBI bashing, since in Trump World, the fact that one single solitary agent was reassigned from a case because of some volatile text messages means that the entire FBI is out to get the president.

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The texts in question come from conversations between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and were turned over to Congress in recent days. In the conversations, Strzok lashed out not only at Trump but at Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, expressing support for Hillary Clinton throughout it all.

The messages were discovered during the Justice Department’s inspector general’s inquiry into the handling of the Clinton email case, which Strzok worked on. Trump has long attacked the FBI’s handling of that case, claiming that the now former FBI Director James Comey was wrong in not bringing charges against Clinton.

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After the messages were discovered, Strzok, who had been working on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of the Trump team, was reassigned from that position.

Gidley addressed all of this during his appearance on Fox, trying to use one individual’s activities to discredit those of the entire agency.

He told the Fox hosts:

‘It is troubling, deeply troubling, that the revelations have now come to light that there is extreme bias against this president with high-up members of the team there at the FBI who were investigating Hillary Clinton at the time. We’re a little concerned at what we’re seeing here. Obviously, those text messages give us quite a bit of pause and should be eye-opening at an agency that should be, quite frankly unbiased.’

Check out the video below.

It’s not as though Gidley’s commentary comes from a place of genuine concern. Rather, it’s similar in form to the president’s continued extrapolation of isolated mistakes on the part of news media to mean that all news reported by outlets other than Fox is fake.

enemy3 W.H. Spokesperson Attacks FBI In Wild Friday Appearance On 'Fox & Friends' (VIDEO) Donald Trump Politics Social Media Top Stories

The president has continuously sought to discredit the nation’s justice system when it suits him. Earlier this year, he did so following a judge ruling against his Muslim-targeting travel ban.

Additionally, more recently, the president abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey after Trump is credibly alleged to have pressured Comey to drop the agency’s investigation into Michael Flynn, which Comey refused to do.

The FBI released a statement about the texts, which seeks to dismiss concerns that the agency let the bias run unchecked. The agency states that after learning of the unprofessional communications, “the employees involved were immediately reassigned, consistent with practices involving employee matters.”

Republicans, for their part, continue to clamor for a new special counsel, as USA Today reports, alleging that the Justice Department has been unfair to Trump. Lawyers for the president have alleged possible links between the Justice Department and those responsible for the infamous Trump dossier.

That dossier contains allegations ranging from secret meetings between Trump officials and Russian officials in the lead-up to the 2016 election to the infamous allegation that Russia has documentation of prostitutes putting on “golden showers” for the man who is now president.

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