Terrible-Trump Releases Saturday Video Address To America & Blows It In 8 Seconds Flat


Donald Trump rarely gets good reactions whenever he posts anything on his Twitter account, however, that never has stopped him before and he isn’t about to quit now.

The president shared his weekly address on Twitter Wednesday and it was just as disappointing as all of those before it.  First off, the president took a moment to boast about himself and his recent signing of the National Defense Authorization Act. After he had his moment in the sun, Trump launched into a familiar racist rhetoric, ranting about immigration.

Trump outlined many terrorist attacks that have taken place in recent history, only outlining, of course, ones that were committed by immigrants, attempting to frame all immigrants as a group as terrorists. Trump mentioned the recent attack in New York, in which a man detonated a pipe bomb on a public bus terminal, resulting in multiple fatalities, pointing out that the man who had committed the crime was an immigrant, stating, “this individual arrived through chain migration.”

Trump then used this situation to launch into a spiel about how America needs to be better, and of course, President Trump is the man that is going to solve the terrorist problem, by making it about a million times harder for immigrants to gain entry into the country.

Trump called for Congress to pass a bill, ending chain migration and the visa lottery. According to Trump this plan will make Americans feel safer, have better lives, and promote assimilation and wage growth.

It is no shock that most those who viewed Trump’s weekly address found it to be extremely cringe-worthy, and were quick to point out all of the flaws in the president’s statement.

You can view some of the responses to the president’s tweet below.

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