N.Y. Times Releases Trump/Fact Check Video So Insane It Will Make You Want To Scream


Is Donald Trump honest? Many of his supporters seem to think so. In fact, one of the reasons that many of them voted for Trump was because he “tells it like it is.” Of course, having no sense of social decorum isn’t the same thing as being honest and Trump has been caught in multiple lies throughout the course of his administration. In fact, Trump lies so often that it can be difficult to keep track of them all, but The New York Times recently posted a video where they fact-checked a few of Trump’s recent statements and, unsuprisingly, he was found to be wrong or lying.

Of course, Trump has a ready-made excuse for this sort of thing in his frequent use of the phrase “fake news.” While fake news is, in fact, a real problem that we should address, Trump isn’t using it to mean stories that are deliberately false or misleading. Rather, Trump is using to demonize any news outlet that runs stories that are critical of him or his administration. It isn’t just a one-time thing either. There are numerous examples of Trump calling various media outlets “fake news.”

The above are just a handful of examples pulled from Trump’s tweets over the past year or so. If we were to attempt to search through his various rallies, speeches, debates and other public addresses, we’re certain we would find plenty of other examples. The truly frustrating thing here isn’t that Trump thinks the coverage is focusing on the wrong issues or even that they are biased against him. Rather, he is arguing that they are actively lying to the American people which simply isn’t true.

We’re unsure why Trump has chosen “fake news” as one of the signature issues of his administration, but we can speculate. We imagine it has to do with the fact that Trump is simply unpopular as president and his policies are unpopular. Rather than addresses his own flaws, he chooses to blame everyone else.

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