Obama A.G. Makes Announcement & Calls For Mass Trump Protests; Time To Fight


If there’s one thing that has become clear in the short time that President Donald Trump has been in office, it’s that he has little regard for the functioning of American government. He prefers to ignore the law when it suits him, doing what he wants and what he perceives his base to want.

To that end, he has repeatedly worked to discredit Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller’s inquiry of his team.

For example, he has called the overall Russia investigation, which includes multiple Congressional inquiries, a “witch hunt” on Twitter multiple times.

In July of this past year, he wrote:

‘As the phony Russian Witch Hunt continues, two groups are laughing at this excuse for a lost election taking hold, Democrats and Russians!’

Recently, following the release of anti-Trump texts sent by someone who used to work on Mueller’s team, some on the right have been clamoring for the president to fire Mueller. California Democratic U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier commented in an interview published last week that she had heard a “rumor” in D.C. that the president is planning to soon fire Mueller.

In light of these developments, Obama-era U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder took to Twitter — the president’s own favorite way to communicate — with a message for Americans.

On Sunday, he wrote on the social media platform that, if the president takes action to “cripple” Mueller’s office, then there should be mass peaceful protests against the president and in support of Mueller.

He wrote:

‘ABSOLUTE RED LINE: the firing of Bob Mueller or crippling the special counsel’s office. If removed or meaningfully tampered with, there must be mass, popular, peaceful support of both. The American people must be seen and heard – they will ultimately be determinative.’

To be sure, the president was asked by reporters on Sunday when returning to the White House from Camp David whether or not he was considering firing Mueller, and he said that he wasn’t, as POLITICO reports.

President Trump’s remarks to that effect came after Holder’s tweet, but the former U.S. Attorney General’s remarks remain relevant. For one, it’s not as though one comment from the president undoes the fact that numerous people in his orbit have recently been questioning the legitimacy of Mueller’s investigation, to the point that it’s seemed not that far fetched to suggest that Trump could decide to fire Mueller at some point.

Secondly, there remains the possibility that the Trump team will try and pose some sort of legal challenge to Mueller, even if that doesn’t entail Trump firing him outright.

For instance, Mueller was recently revealed to have obtained large numbers of Trump transition emails, something that members of the Trump team have clamored against.

It’s not even as though that, and the previously mentioned texts, are the only reasons the president and members of his inner circle have to be concerned about Robert Mueller.

Mueller has brought charges against four former members of the Trump team, including, most recently, former presidential national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about what he discussed with the now former Russian Ambassador to the United States.

Flynn’s guilty plea came as a part of a deal for him to cooperate with Mueller’s office, making some think — since he got off somewhat easy — that he has incriminating information about someone higher up, perhaps even Donald Trump himself.

With these issues in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising for Trump to be considering firing Mueller, but if he did so, it would do nothing but increase his problems.

Check out Twitter’s response to Holder’s call for protests below.

Featured Image via Chris Graythen/Getty Images