JUST IN: Beloved NBC Host Revealed As Alleged Pervert – Hush Money Payment Discovered


A Prominent MSNBC host is in some seriously hot water today, after being accused of sexual harassment while on the job. The woman claims that ‘Hardball’s’ host Chris Matthews is the sole reason behind an corporate payout to a woman in 1999, when she says Matthews made her extremely uncomfortable by making sexual remarks and jokes at her expense in front of other staff members.

The woman, then an assistant producer on Mathews’ show, was given a payout of $40,000. The dirty payout seems more like hush money, but NBC says these claims are false and that the $40k was nothing more than a severance package.

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IFAW Board member Chris Matthews attends the International Fund For Animal Welfare’s Global Whale Conservation Congressional Reception at the U.S. Capital Visitor Center Atrium on May 19, 2009 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Von Holden/WireImage)

Matthews has not yet been fired from MSNBC, and after the huge uproar over Matt Lauer’s termination, who can blame them? Would you want the public to know that you protected a powerful white man after such abominable behavior?

According to The Daily Caller:

“The MSNBC spokesman said that they thoroughly reviewed the situation at the time and that Matthews received a formal reprimand. Based on people who were involved in matter, the network concluded that the comments were inappropriate and juvenile but were not intended to be taken as propositions.”

Upon leaving MSNBC, the victim worked at various high-level positions in corporate media.

The Caller reports that:

“NBC also cut ties with “Game Change” author Mark Halperin in October after a dozen women accused him of sexual harassment and groping, and senior vice president Matt Zimmerman for failing to report relationships he had with women who worked for him.”