JUST IN: Alleged Sarah Palin Domestic Violence Scandal Announced; Christmas Is Cancelled


The GOP has certainly been no friend to women in recent years. From pushing legislation that denies women the right to make private medical decisions with their doctors to objecting to the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Republicans have mounted a very public war on women for some time.

Once the darling of the Republican party, failed vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has become little more than a tired joke as she continues to insist that she is the true voice for women as their conservative hero. Palin stood beside Trump during his campaign days and chose to bash the “offensive media” when the 2005 Access Hollywood tapes, with their infamous “grab ’em by the p*ssy” quote, went public rather than addressing her chosen candidate’s obvious disrespect for women.

‘Disgusting, shameful, totally disrespectful ‘locker room’ garbage, privately shared between two Hollywood playboys over a decade ago, is now made to be ‘the crudeness heard ’round the world. The old Bush and Trump braggart comments were beyond abhorrent and offensive, though both boys apologized for them.’

She didn’t seem to understand that it wasn’t the “offensive media” who made the remarks. It was the 59-year-old, married “boy” she was backing for president.

Now, the former governor of Alaska and mother of five has been further proven a hypocrite as her eldest son’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his 15-month-old child spoke out about the Palin family’s cover-up of Track Palin’s pattern of domestic violence, stalking, and child abuse. 24-year-old Jordan Loewe told a reporter at The Daily Mail:

‘He was still so controlling and possessive and had temper problems. I had to file a restraining order a second time because was he was so crazy. He was physically hitting me when he was mad and throwing things at me while I was holding Charlie when he was one month old. He tried to run me off the road in his car when Charlie was in my back seat. He would spit in my face.’

Loewe is not the first of Track’s exes to fear his abuse. Palin’s ex-wife, Britta Hanson, with whom Track shares a 6-year-old, says she also was granted a restraining order due to his abuse.

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Image via The Daily Mail

Even more heart-wrenching is the news that Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, covered up these crimes and kept them from police because they didn’t want their family “in the news.”

‘They have always been against calling the police because then it’s all over the news and a really big deal. To me, the fact that they called the police this time, tells me that it must have been really bad because I have seen him be absolutely crazy in front of them and they haven’t called the police…They have Track’s back right now and they are upset with me for speaking out against this as it’s ‘disrespectful to their family.'”

Faced with her first public appearance after the first reports of Track’s domestic violence issues, Palin blamed President Obama for leaving her son to worry if the country even “respected” our “wounded warriors” anymore as well as her son’s PTSD. Domestic violence victims’ advocates were quick to denounce those excuses and many veterans were outraged by the insinuation that it is somehow common for those who fought for our country to later abuse their wife and children.

While Track Palin alone is responsible for his horrendous violence against the mothers of his children are his responsibility alone, the Palin family is certainly complicit in the cover-up that allowed the abuses to continue.

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