Roy Moore Camp Issues Sad Last Minute Threats To Alabama Winner Doug Jones


On December 12, Democratic candidate Doug Jones won the Alabama special election for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ seat, beating Republican candidate Roy Moore. Moore refused to concede the election to his opponent and said he would challenge it, which he did.

Many people including GOP voters pulled their support from Moore after several women alleged that he sexually assaulted them while they were teenagers and he was in his 30’s. Despite this fact, Mr. Trump went on to endorse him as a candidate.

On Thursday, the Moore campaign pulled all the stops to try to keep Alabama from certifying Doug Jones as the official winner. Moore filed an election complaint alleging potential voter fraud and asking for there to be a delay in certification, but Alabama Secretary of State Merrill maintained that Jones would be certified.

According to Click On Detroit:

‘Merrill said his office had received more than 100 reports of voter fraud and had adjudicated more than 60. Merrill said one complaint claimed to be about a town that doesn’t exist, a report he dubbed “a flat-out lie.”‘

Alabama Circuit Judge Johnny Hardwick denied Moore’s complaint and the state of Alabama went on to certify Doug Jones as the official winner of the special election. Roy Moore Camp Issues Sad Last Minute Threats To Alabama Winner Doug Jones Donald Trump Politics Social Media Top Stories Videos Roy Moore Camp Issues Sad Last Minute Threats To Alabama Winner Doug Jones Donald Trump Politics Social Media Top Stories Videos

On Thursday, in a interview with CNN”s Dana Bash, Janet Porter, a spokeswoman for the Moore campaign issued a warning to Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, saying:

‘If they can steal the election from Roy Moore, Governor Ivey, they can steal it from you, or Secretary of State Merrill, it can happen to you.’

Porter was confronted with the fact that the lawsuit mentioned James Condit Jr. who is controversial for a variety of reasons. Condit has posted about JFK conspiracy theories, the murder of DNC staffer, Seth Rich, and also referred to “Zionist” control of world politics. Porter called him “an expert on voting machines.”

Porter said:

‘Maybe he got a parking ticket yesterday. That’s irrelevant to the case. If you want to question, you know, whether he’s a Zionist or not, I am. I’m pro-Israel. I’m glad the embassy is in Jerusalem by the way. Good job, President Trump.’

Porter also told CNN’s Dana Bash:

‘Here’s the thing that Gov. Ivey needs to know: She’s up for reelection too and there are 650,000 people who are watching this very closely, what they do right now.

‘If they certify what has been proven by three independent experts that say this is fraudulent enough to overturn this entire election, they are going to be accountable at the voting booth.’

Jones made a statement on Thursday saying he was “looking forward to going to work” for the people of Alabama. He said:

‘As I said on election night, our victory marks a new chapter for our state and the nation. I will be an independent voice and work to find common ground with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get Washington back on track and fight to make our country a better place for all.’

As for Porter’s ridiculous threats to Governor Ivey, people are still waiting for all of those consequences to pan out. Jones’ win brings the total of Democrat-held Senate seats up to 49, meaning that Democrats only need to claim two more seats to gain control of the Senate.

Featured image by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images