Dan Rather Issues Dire End-Of-Year Warning After Trump’s Insane NYT Interview


Any sane person can see that Donald Trump is in no way fit to lead the country nor capable enough to understand the impact his bombastic style will have on a global scale. On everything from climate change to healthcare, Trump is woefully ignorant. Empathy and patience are way beyond his emotional range. Diplomacy has no part in the White House, and none of this looks apt to change with time.

Dan Rather, a longtime, respected journalist who’s covered everything from Watergate to 9/11, has warned America since the days of the 2016 presidential campaign that the country was moving into murky waters. Ruminating on the past year of Trump’s presidency has only increased his concerns.

Responding to the interview that President Trump granted The New York Times, published on Thursday, Rather posed some grave questions on his Facebook page.

‘There have been so many headlines, so many tweets and quotes, so much cacophony that it is easy to feel what more can there be that surprises or dismays us. How much lower can President Trump take the tenor of our national discourse or America’s standing in the world?’

It is a sobering thought, but perhaps even more devastating was his second question after noting some of Trump’s responses during the interview.

‘Imagine if these quotes were printed without our current context. Does this sound like a president? I think we know how history will judge that answer. The question is what lies in the gap of time between now and then. How much damage can be done?’


Trump’s view of himself as able to do whatever he likes now that he’s been elected instead of working for the American people was frightening to read. When asked about the investigation into his presidential campaigns’ alleged collusion with Russian government operatives to smear his political opponent and upend the American democratic system, Trump bristled.

‘I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department. But for purposes of hopefully thinking I’m going to be treated fairly, I’ve stayed uninvolved with this particular matter.’

Rather took exception with that answer as well as many others that should concern every American, although somehow 38 percent of those polled still approve of Trump’s actions in office. The president’s baiting tweets and childish bullying, his absolute refusal to acknowledge climate change as a grave threat to the country, and his endless lies are all fine with them, while 57 percent of the country still understands that none of this is okay.

‘We have been bombarded with evidence – evidence that we are in dangerous and unchartered waters, evidence that the President of the United States lies with abandon, evidence that there is much more to the Russia attack on our democracy than was initially believable, evidence that there is an authoritative streak amongst our current national leadership, evidence that our allies are dismayed and our adversaries are emboldened.’

His closing question should resonate with every reader, as Rather asks the most important question of all of the party who will suffer as a result of Trump’s ignorance.

‘Every Republican elected official or business leader who seeks to normalize this Administration must be forced to answer, is this normal? Is this sane? Is this democratic? Frankly, is this American?’

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg