Plot To Remove Trump Via 25th Amendment Announced & Donald Will Freak


There are several ways a president can be removed from office. The most obvious is impeachment for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” which should have already gotten Trump thrown out on his ear, but with a Republican majority in Congress and their willingness to allow Trump to run roughshod over the U.S. Constitution in exchange for billionaire tax cuts, that’s proving impossible.

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PASADENA, CA – JULY 29: Roger Stone speaks during his appearance at Politicon 2017 at Pasadena Convention Center on July 29, 2017 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Michael Schwartz/Getty Images)

Trump adviser Roger Stone believes the second possibility for impeaching Trump is already underway. Stone is generally trotted out to spew wild conspiracy theories whenever the GOP needs him to, but he insists that this one is real. Stone told Associated Press reporter Tom LoBianco during an appearance on CNBC that members of Trump’s cabinet have discussed removing the president using the 25th Amendment.

‘I have sources. And yes, I believe there are some who have had this discussion. This is both outside the cabinet and in. I think it’s the fallback plan for the establishment. That’s why I’m trying to sound the clarion call.’

The man who was either ousted from or quit the Trump campaign team (no one is clear which story is true), and who published an op-ed insisting that the Democrats were rigging voting machines to keep Trump out of the White House, now says that sources inside the White House have informed him of a plot among Trump’s own administration to remove him from power.

While he would not say who within the White House was part of the conspiracy, although he was asked specifically whether Secretary of Defense Mattis or Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were directly involved, he insisted that the plot is widespread and already underway.

Stone told LoBianco:

‘This is not a conspiracy theory. There are members of the cabinet who have had this discussion. Let me just leave it at that…I will probably report that fully at some point. There is a plan afoot that is broader than just the cabinet. The 25th Amendment requires a majority of the cabinet and the vice president [to remove the president]. I don’t think that is achievable today, not on the heels of the historic tax cut, not on the heels of the disintegration of the credibility of [Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation]. But we have seen what happens when a hysteria is whipped up among the people by some in the mainstream media. And I have always thought this is plan B for the two party duopoly that has run this country into the ground.’

Although such a plot seems like a tragedy to Roger Stone, if true, it would prove to the country that Trump’s cabinet is neither as complicit nor as ignorant as generally believed.

Roger Stone is generally on the same level as Infowars’ Alex Jones, and this new conspiracy theory feels a lot like those coming out of right-wing media recently. Jones told his audience that there’s a conspiracy to assassinate Trump by the FBI and soon after, a Fox News contributor repeated the dangerous lie to Trump’s rabid fan base. While Stone’s story about having Trump removed using a Constitutional amendment is quite a step down from an FBI assassination conspiracy, it is equally as dangerous in the hands of Trump’s supporters. What is clear about both wild stories is that Trump is getting nervous and needs his base to be convinced that what is sure to come is a plot against him instead of proof of his crimes.

Trump’s actual removal, whether its for obstruction of justice, collusion with Russian government operatives, or because he has a few cabinet members with some sense left, will be a celebration of the country’s return to decency, indeed.

Featured image via Getty/The Washington Post