BREAKING: Active Shooter Hits Multiple Cops – LIVE Feed From Ongoing Scene Here


The local police department is calling for all residents near the area to stay indoors, as the gunman is still at large. The scene is still unfolding, and all we know as of know is that “multiple” officers have been hit by gunfire. The Douglas County Police Department tweeted the following first.

This incident is taking place near Denver, Colorado, in the area between County Line Rd, Colorado Blvd., and University Blvd.

The next tweet came out 30 minutes later:

The most grim tweet came just a half hour after the last, and spoke of the multiple cops who had been shot:

As of 38 minutes ago, the department had released its last tweet. It reads:

A reporter for @DenverChannel arrived on the scene just in time to hear more gunshots ring out. Here is the video released via Twitter:

That reporter, Meghan Lopez is still reporting from the scene, as seen below:

At least “8 ambulances” were seen arriving on the scene in the video below:


The police department has now revealed that the shooting took place at an apartment complex, where a domestic dispute turned deadly.

There are currently no details about the injuries sustained by the officers.

Check back here for details.

WJLA TV in Washington D.C. has released the following LIVE feed: