Trump Goes Off The Wall In Psycho New Years Eve Tweet You Have To See To Believe


Donald Trump is one of the least liked and most protested presidents in American history. On top of that, his administration has tried time and time again to ram legislation that the vast majority of the nation is against down the country’s throat, failing first with healthcare “reform” before moving on to gut the middle class and explode the nation’s debt in order to give a massive gift to himself and other incredibly wealthy individuals via the tax bill.

That’s what makes his take on the ongoing protests in Iran especially interesting. He’s repeatedly warned Iran that “the world is watching,” making nonspecific threats about what will happen if the rights of protesters are infringed. Of course, Trump’s own government has attempted to jail Americans for decades for expressing their right to protest, and Trump has made attacks on the first amendment a defining characteristic of both his campaign and administration. Just this morning, Trump continued his hypocritical tirades against Iran:

This is just Trump talking tough. Although Iranians do not have many of the rights Americans enjoy, Donald Trump has no real interest in helping the people of Iran – in fact, Trump’s attacks against freedom in the United States do far more damage to freedom abroad than he can ever undo with blustering on twitter. That’s because when actual dictators see Trump’s wannabe dictator moves, they feel emboldened.

Trump has never cared for a second about any of the massive protests organized against him. In Trump’s mind, if you’re against him, you’re not a legitimate American and are not entitled to a voice. Support for Trump is, by definition, support for America, in his fantasy. He believes he is a king.

It’s also interesting that Trump chose to use the phrasing “wealth is being stolen” when his party just voted to pass one of the most regressive tax plans in history, which is going to bankrupt the nation in order to pay for the rich to get richer. Corporations and the rich have never had more money than they do now, and yet Donald Trump wants to give them even more. He’s robbing people who actually work for a living and the future of this nation so that Republican billionaire donors can have a few billion extra.

Plus, the United States has no room to talk when it comes to throwing around accusations of funding terrorism. The United States has funded terrorist groups in Latin America, in the Middle East, and in Africa, and remains the only nation in the world convicted by the International Court of Justice for an act of state-sponsored terrorism (a judgement which was later vetoed by the United States). It was, notably, a Republican administration, that of Ronald Reagan, which was found guilty of sponsoring terrorism.

Twitter immediately tore him to pieces:

The reality here is simple: Donald Trump just wants to pick a fight, and Iran is a favorite go-to of Republicans. As a regional power that counters Saudi Arabia, an American ally, as well as the United States itself, any opportunity to worsen relations is seen as a good thing by Republicans. They don’t care about any of the human rights abuses occurring around the world unless they can use them politically – in this case to undermine Obama’s legacy and threaten war. Ask yourself: Why does Trump care about protests in Iran, but not ethnic cleansing in Myanmar?

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images