Trump’s Sunday Plans Revealed & What He’s Doing Will Infuriate You To The Core


Mr. Trump has been spending the holidays at his beloved Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, which he calls the “Winter White House.” It’s not a surprise that he kicked off the holiday vacation by telling his friends “You all just got a lot richer” after the GOP passed a sweeping tax reform bill, which is the largest overhaul of the tax system in 30 years.

It sure didn’t take long for Mr. Trump to get back to the golf course. He made another trip to his golf club on Sunday morning, marking the sixth day in a row he has visited the resort. He invited about 60 members of the coast guard to join him.

A recent report from CNN said that Trump has visited his properties for at least 110 days this year. This means that the president will have spent about one-third of his presidency on the golf course.

According to CNN:

‘To date, Trump has spent 39 days at Mar-a-Lago as President, including seven weekends in January, February and March, according to a CNN analysis.’

Mr. Trump, being the blatant hypocrite he is, criticized Obama during his campaign saying he would not have time to play golf while in office.

On Sunday, Trump plans to kick off his New Years Eve events by meeting with Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) at 1:00 p.m. to discuss hurricane recovery efforts, the need to improve the nation’s aging infrastructure, and other matters important to Floridians. According to NBC:

‘Gov. Scott’s office said the governor “looks forward to speaking with the President about issues that are important to Floridians.” The issues range from repairing the Herbert Hoover Dike surrounding Lake Okeechobee and the recovery of the Florida citrus industry in the wake of Hurricane Irma.’

Earlier this year, Trump encouraged Governor Scott to run for Senate during his Irma recovery visit. Trump praised Scott, saying:

‘I have to say that your governor — where is our governor here? Rick Scott. The job he’s done is incredible, and I guess I’ve been very lucky because, you know, you have a great governor in Texas; you have a great governor in Florida. The job that Rick has done is being talked about all over.’

If Scott runs, he would challenge Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in 2018. In the fall, Scott acknowledged that he was considering a run but said he felt little pressure to make an early decision. Trump speculated, saying:

‘I don’t know what he’s gonna do, but I know that at a certain point it ends for you, and we can’t let it end. So I hope he runs for Senate. Who knows what he’s gonna do?’

Scott’s priorities may be unknown at this time, but it is clear that Mr. Trump just wants to play golf and continue to screw over the American people. People are waiting for the next wild scheme that will be born out of his Mar-a-lago vacation. He has been raging about Iran in his latest tweets.

Twitter had a few things to say regarding Trump’s Mar-a-Lago holiday visit:

Featured image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images