Trump Goes Bonkers & Tweets ALL CAPS Afternoon Gibberish Message Like A Lunatic


Without a doubt, President Donald Trump’s Twitter profile has become a place of great controversy, and often irrational arguments pointed at his adversaries. Most recently, his targets have become evident in the claims made against foreign governments, especially in regards to the Middle East. Without context of the circumstances that have remained an ongoing point of contention between many in the region, including the Jerusalem issue which has exploded throughout the Muslim world, Donald Trump seemingly has no plans of slowing down his abhorrent attacks.

The tweets above provide insight into just how irrational his beliefs regarding Pakistan, as well as the Palestinian-Israeli issue truly are, and the inability to understand the context of foreign policy in the region. First and foremost, his statement against Pakistan receiving billions of dollars in aid seemingly disregards the reality that the country is one of our few allies in the region, albeit that Pakistan faces troubles from their domestic policy. The fact of the matter is that the billions paid is not for nothing, it aims to uphold the interests of democratic ideals in a region that yearns for it.

Furthermore, his attacks against the Palestinian people is another example of the inability of the current administration to identify a solution to a long-lasting and detrimental issue in the Middle East. When analyzing the reality of the matter, it becomes evident that the monetary payments made to the Palestinians is more so a human rights issue at this point, rather than one of political influence. President Trump claims that the Palestinians are unwilling to negotiate a peace treaty with Israel, which, in fact, is long overdue. However, what he fails to address is the inordinate number of fatalities and casualties that have been incurred by the Palestinians over the last few decades, and the history of occupation and suppression that has stemmed from the inability to organize and stand up for their basic rights. The issue may not be that the Palestinians are unwilling to talk peace, but rather that they understand the current climate of negotiations will be dictated by two overwhelmingly powerful regimes that do not have their interests in mind, and therefore lead to another failed attempt at a treaty between the two parties.

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