Meghan McCain Just Waged War With Ivanka On ‘The View’ & It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)


On The View, Whoopi Goldberg was clearly delighted about some of the more interesting comments in the new White House tell-all book, Fire and Fury. One that particularly tickled her was about the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Goldberg started off the segment with one of the biggest surprises of the book. She homed in on the idea that most Democrats did not think Trump would win the election:

‘And apparently nobody thought the new guy was going to win the election.’

It seemed that not only were the Democrats surprised, so were many Republicans, Melania Trump, and even the candidate himself. Then, Whoopi added another stunner:

‘His daughter thought she was qualified to be the first female president.’

Republican Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain had a quick retort, reminiscent of her father’s wit:

‘If she’s qualified, so am I. The thing is, it only takes your dad being a famous politician. And again, she is a businesswoman  and all these things, but you know, I think that we are Americans. And we don’t have a dynasty on purpose.’

Then, McCain went on to call the idea what it really was, “historically ignorant”:

‘And I think especially in this specific climate of being against so many, the Clintons, the Bushes, etc., etc.  I think it would be a lot and historically ignorant, just because of your last name.’

Former Fox and MSNBC host Greta Van Susteren was filling in and made this point:

‘Your father’s eminently qualified to be president. He has, you know, a very rich history as vice president Gore did, as did Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. But I think it’s fair to say that (of) President Bush 43, who was a governor of Texas.’

Susteren noted that it was important for people to have political experience, if they wanted to become president:

‘It’s a little different (Bush’s Texas) governorship. It’s sort of a half governorship, (he) didn’t have much and neither did President Obama. (He had) been a state senator, a U.S. senator for a short period of time. Trump had no government experience. We historically have people with experience, like Meghan’s father, but we’re seeing more and more different.’

McCain said that of course, Ivanka Trump could run:

‘She certainly can run. I would be interested to see her give an interview with anyone other than Fox.’

Fox is certainly not going to give the country an unbiased look at Trump’s eldest daughter.

Next, Joy Behar agreed with McCain:

‘You know, we’ve been saying (that) for a long time.’


Then, McCain drove home her point:

‘Obviously, you can’t become president, (just) because you think you can.’

Arizona’s longtime Senator McCain did run for president in 2008, so his daughter has some idea how difficult the process of campaigning is. She was 23-years-old when he ran. At the time, McCain said “(Like) Luke Skywalker fighting the Death Star,” he would not only beat Bush but reform the Republican Party, which “big money” had corrupted, according to The New Yorker.

Meghan McCain With Senator John McCain, Recovering From Cancer. Screengrab YouTube.

That was when the ugly attacks on Senator McCain started. They were filled with outrageous lies that turned his amazing accomplishment upside down and trashed them. The McCains had adopted a black child. His racist opponents claimed he had fathered the child. They even transformed his remarkable five and a-half-year stint as a prisoner of war in Vietnam into something horrid. They said he became a traitor.

Politics is tough stuff, not the stuff for pampered rich girls.

Watch the entire The View segment below via YouTube:

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