Meghan McCain Whined About Her Job On ‘The View’ And Regretted It In 6 Seconds Flat


Since Trump’s election, greater attention has been paid to many prominent conservatives. There has remained a question of whether or not these Republicans would stick up to Trump in the face of his bigotry, but with many of these prominent conservatives having essentially paved the way for Trump’s presidency, that question has remained more of a last ditch hope than it’s been anything else.

Still, it’s not hard to see why many would press Republicans over their belief systems, since the man currently leading their party routinely expresses support for racist ideas and undercuts the freedoms that define America.

Meghan McCain, however, current co-host of The View and daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, is tired of people “lecturing” her.

On Friday, the other participants in the discussion on The View weren’t exactly interested in hearing McCain gripe.

During a discussion centered on comments from guest host and anti-Trump Republican commentator Ana Navarro, McCain commented as follows:

‘I’ve never felt more defensive of Trump’s base, I’ve never felt more conservative or more defensive of the middle of the country than I have since I started working on this show.’

After Joy Behar quipped that it’s not exactly surprising for McCain to feel such a way, since her and other hosts on The View are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, McCain went on, saying:

‘I don’t mean that in a negative way, it’s just that I have a whole new understanding of what it feels like to sort of be lectured to about our values.’

Behar, who was smirking mockingly, asked McCain who was “lecturing” her, and she subsequently slightly walked back the intensity of her dismissal of concerns of those on the opposite side of her.

As the segment went on, McCain questioned why those like Behar are still concerned about credibly alleged pedophile Roy Moore’s Alabama U.S. Senate candidacy, since he lost.

Thankfully, Moore did lose, but large numbers of people still voted for him thanks to Republican leadership, led by Donald Trump, not finding it at all difficult to cast their support behind Moore. Thus, there is still a major problem.

Check out the Friday segment from The View featuring McCain’s comments below.

McCain became a co-host on The View late last year, after having served in other media positions, including one on Fox News. She has — in spite of her comments about feeling forced to defend Trump’s base — not been on board with the president for some time. She is said to have written in the name of right wing candidate Evan McMullin in the 2016 presidential election.

Her father, while remaining very obviously a Republican on many issues, has expressed opposition to the president at key points, such as when he sought last year to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with a less wide ranging health plan crafted by Republicans.

She shared a touching moment with Joe Biden last year when, during an appearance on The View, the former Vice President sought to comfort her in the face of her father’s cancer diagnosis,

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