Senior W.H. Staff Dropping Like Flies After Massive Resignation Announcement (DETAILS)


The Trump Administration has been marked by a remarkable level of volatility, literally setting a record for the number of senior staff departures in its first year. Those departures have included everyone from the Secretary of Health and Human Services to the president’s national security adviser — the latter of whom, Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI relatively recently.

Now, the volatility associated with the Trump administration is set to sharply increase; at least, such is the case according to a new report from Axios. The new reporting centers on the effects of a new book by Michael Wolff, the widely publicized Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Ahead of the book’s publication, details about its contents came out, including the allegation that former top Trump adviser Steve Bannon harbors harsh feelings about key members of the Trump team.

That sparked intense, reality television style jabs at Bannon from the president and his son, Donald Trump Jr.

Bannon was pushed out of the Trump White House late last year, having proven an incendiary figure ever since he worked on the belligerent businessman’s presidential campaign.

Now, although the media organization doesn’t offer any names, the president could be set to lose even more of his top talent. That’s bad news not just for the sake of the president’s global public image and that of his administration being tarnished by frequent staff departures, but it’s also bad news because these are the people who actually know what they are doing in the White House these days, something that can not be said of the president. Trump literally thinks it’s okay to threaten the heavily armed North Korea on Twitter.

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Axios reports that in light of recent developments, numerous senior staff in the Trump administration are contemplating leaving.

According to the outlet:

‘More than half a dozen of the more skilled White House staff are contemplating imminent departures. Many leaving are quite fearful about the next chapter of the Trump presidency.’

Fear about the next chapter of the Trump presidency doesn’t end with whoever these people are. Large swaths of the population can see just how close the president is bringing us to nuclear war through his continued antagonizing of the North Koreans, who now claim to have the capability to strike the U.S. mainland.

Axios, along with their reporting about senior staff members contemplating leaving, confirmed a selection of claims made in Wolff’s book, largely centering around the same theme — the intense volatility of the president.

Chillingly, one of the lines that Axios confirmed as accurate reads:

‘Here was a key Trump White House rationale: expertise, that liberal virtue, was overrated.’

The president, in classic Trump style, took to Twitter to slam Wolff, although simply dismissing his book as irrelevant in its grim depictions of the Trump administration has proven no easy task for its members. Although some have contended with specific points in the book, everything can’t be fixed by saying fake news three times in front of a mirror, although the president seems to think otherwise.

trump-sloppy-steve Senior W.H. Staff Dropping Like Flies After Massive Resignation Announcement (DETAILS) Donald Trump Social Media Top Stories

“Sloppy Steve” in the president’s tweet is Trump’s new nickname for Bannon in light of his criticisms of the president’s team revealed in Wolff’s book.

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