Trump Wages Yet Another Attack On Healthcare – Opens The Door For Corporate Scams


Apparently Donald Trump is not happy with the amount of damage he’s already done to the ACA. It looks like he won’t be satisfied until he takes us back to pre-Affordable Care Act days where insurance companies sold worthless plans that covered very little, and millions of Americans had no insurance whatsoever. Everything he’s done since he came into office has been to the benefit of the already wealthy, so there’s a good possibility that he will continue to do the same thing with every decision he makes for the next few years.

MarketWatch reported Friday that Trump proposed a plan allowing America’s small businesses and self-employed individuals to join together in a new scheme/scam called Association Health Plans. Of course it would be another disastrous train wreck decision from his administration. It seems as if he’s openly trying to make America worse again.

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Friday the largest insurance trade group in the country, America’s Health Insurance Plans, issued a statement about his proposal saying they were “concerned that the changes proposed would lead to higher prices and weaker consumer protections in the small group and individual markets, where nearly 40 million Americans get their coverage.”

Trump’s newest scam would allow insurance companies to once again sell worthless plans, and we all know how useless they were the first time around. His proposed plans would not carry any of the ObamaCare protections that are required by law now, such as coverage for prescription drugs, mental health, maternity care or substance abuse treatment. In fact his plan would do away with the “ten essential benefits” altogether. It’s too bad we don’t have a president and congress who really do care about all Americans.

But there is hope because we do have some congresspeople who are looking out for us. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are still pushing for Medicare for all, and it would be an amazing thing if they were successful in getting that passed. Yet until the American people as a whole start looking out for their own best interests, we’ll probably never have enough Democrats in office at the same time to have Medicare for everyone…or a fair tax system for that matter.

It boggles the mind to think about how so many people can stay so uninformed. Of course Russian propaganda and all of the fake news coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth on a daily basis keep many from even knowing what’s going on in this country, but one would think people would start doing a little independent research on their own. That’s the only way we’ll ever be able to turn this country around again.

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But fear not because results of the most recent elections may be an indication of good things to come though. Democrat Doug Jones took a seat that had been in Republican control for the past twenty-five years. He had a little help winning the seat though because Donald Trump had endorsed and put his support behind Jones’ opponent Roy Moore. But with Trump’s historically high disapproval rating, that was really more of a hindrance for Moore than a help. Then back in November a blue wave started in many state’s elections and that could mean very good things for this November’s elections. Maybe people are paying attention and starting to look out for their own best interests after all. We’ll know more in about eleven months. In the meantime, does it look like Trump could be showing some of the stress that comes along with doing so much damage to the country? You be the judge.

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Roy Moore after his humiliating defeat. The disaster that happened after Donald Trump and Roy Moore started working together was well-deserved:

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Below is a picture of Doug Jones after his win. He will be a nice addition as the Democrat get closer and closer to taking over the Senate:

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