Kellyanne Conway Went On Fox News & Completely Lost Her Damn Mind (VIDEO)


Kellyanne Conway is really shoveling the BS again with some pretty wild claims. Of course they are claims that can’t be verified by anyone, but to Trump’s staff, telling lies is an all day job for them. They like to deal in “alternative facts,” but we all wish they’d simply tell us the truth.

In an effort to make Donald Trump seem like he exudes power, Kellyanne Conway spouted off a wild claim that his critics are actually frightened of the president. She would have us believe that his critics are so shaken when in his presence they can’t even keep a firm grip on their cell phones, she told Fox News on Wednesday.

The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to free speech, so Trump’s critics have every right to criticize the horrible job he’s done so far, so no one should be fooled by Conway’s delusional claims. Trump’s so called “deep state” Department of Justice hasn’t allowed him to start jailing his political opponents yet, so critics can rest easy, knowing that they will be fine continuing their critiques of his job performance. In reality people really aren’t bothered when they’re in the same room as Trump.

Take former FBI head James Comey for instance, he has repeatedly criticized Donald Trump and this video clearly shows that his knees aren’t knocking when he’s in the company of the president. In fact he’s rather disgusted.

And here’s German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has criticized Trump repeatedly, calm, cool, and collected while standing right next to him. In fact, Trump is the one who looks a little frazzled in her presence. Of course, he should be, since he’s standing next to the real leader of the free world.

CNN’s John Dickerson certainly wasn’t scared to confront Donald Trump.

Conway went on to whine about the way the political media reports on Trump. She thinks they’re treating him unfairly and not telling the truth about him. It’s easy to discount her complaints though, because the things that make Donald Trump look bad are usually caught on video, or it’s something that he’s typed himself and posted on Twitter. But, as the saying goes, if you tell a lie enough times, people will start to believe it. That’s the case where Republican supporters are concerned. The Trump administration has lied to them so much they’ll pretty much believe anything he says. His supporters are probable telling everyone they talk to today that people actually quake when standing in the room with Donald Trump.

Conway may be correct about one thing though…Donald Trump really does frighten people, but it’s for a very different reason than she’s saying. They’re really frightened because of all the damage he has already done to this country and the threat of all horrible things he can do in the future. The threat of a possible nuclear war with North Korea would be a good example of something terrifying he could do in the future. But to be scared just to stand in his presence…I think not.

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