Trump Calls Press Conference & Attempts To Defend His Idiocy; Fails Hard On Live TV


If there is one thing that has become blatantly evident about President Donald Trump upon assuming office, it is that he has tendencies to make grammatical errors in a plethora of circumstances.

Although it is true that everyone may make such mistakes at times, the president has shown that he is unable to learn from past errors made and continues to show an inability to grasp a proper understanding of the language and syntax.

After being called out for his mental instability and incapability by mental health professionals and lawmakers alike, President Trump launched an all-out Twitter offensive to ensure that the general public believes that he is stable, despite the fact that his actions and statements prove otherwise.

Although the president spent a great deal of Saturday bragging about his heightened mental acumen, upon attending a press conference at Camp David he promptly repeated a grammatical error, quickly downplaying any attempt to prove his “genius”.

With Michael Wolff’s tell-all book Fire and Fury being released despite the Trump administration’s attempt to keep it from publication, it has become clear that the president’s mental stability is now more in question than ever.

Many friends, colleagues, and close individuals to the campaign and administration are found in the new book claiming that Trump’s mental stability is not fit to be the President of the United States.

In one instance according to The New York Times, “Thomas J. Barrack, a friend of Mr. Trump’s, was quoted in Michael Wolff’s new book…as telling a friend that the president was ‘not only crazy but stupid.'”

According to Chief of Staff John Kelly, he had yet to see the Trump tweets touting his own stable genius. Trump claimed that his advantages in life are not only that he is mentally stable but that he is “like, really smart.”

Despite the fact that his Chief of Staff had yet to see the posts on Twitter, bragging about his own genius definitely got around to over 46 million followers on the social media platform. His string of posts became a field day for social media responders especially upon identifying the very clear and evident grammatical error made during this rant.

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