Seth Meyers Opens Golden Globes With Back-To-Back Trump Disses; Twitter Rant Imminent


The 75th annual Golden Globe Awards just started, and within minutes, the president was receiving some pretty crazy jabs. Host Seth Meyers went for the jugular a couple times, and not only was the president his target, but powerful male predators in Hollywood were also mentioned right off the bat.

Meyers said this about the upcoming ceremony just two days ago on the “Today” show:

Activists representing the “Time’s Up” initiative, which is a movement against sexual harassment This movement has the support of actors like Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Gabrielle Union, Hilary Duff, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Zoe Saldana who all wore black on the red carpet tonight as a sign of solidarity with women.

This opening really started off the show right, leaving nothing to the imagination and getting directly to the point; One thing is certain, however, Donald Trump is going to have a fit over this one. Check out the video via Twitter below:

Meyers continued his attack, with these jabs:

Trump’s about to freak out.