Stephen Miller Removed By Security From CNN Set & The Reason Will Make You Cringe


One has to wonder exactly how Donald Trump finds the people he chooses to advise and represent him. If his choice of employees and representatives is indicative of the way a very stable genius hires people, then we’re all in trouble. Jobs in his administration are extremely hard to keep, judging by all the employees who have been left by the wayside. Unfortunately some of the most annoying ones are still working for him. There’s Sean Spicer…oh wait he got fired. Then there’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn…huh? He got fired too and is now waiting to find out his sentence for lying to the FBI? Ok we’ll move on then. There’s Paul Manafort…oops he got fired as well and has been charged with money laundering, tax fraud and a bunch of other things? I guess we’ll just jump ahead to Donald Trump’s very good friend Steve Bannon he’s a very valuable part of the team…stop the presses! It seems like he’s been fired too, and has earned something very special from Trump on his way out the door, a nickname (Sloppy Steve).

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Since those folks are all gone we’ll have to discuss some of Trump’s other staff members then, specifically Stephen Miller. America knows he’s still with the administration, but for how long is anyone’s guess. We know he’s there because CNN’s Jake Tapper had to abruptly cut off an interview with him Sunday. In response to Tapper’s question about whether Trump’s Tweets hurt or help the cause that he’s stable enough for the job (presidency), Miller started dodging the question and actually refused to give an answer after a couple of minutes of back and forth with Tapper.

Tapper eventually cut off Miller’s blathering and refused to speak with him any longer. Going so far as to turn to a new camera, making sure Miller couldn’t be seen by the viewers, and starting a report about a completely different subject. Anyone who saw the interview could clearly see that Tapper got the best of Miller.

It was reported later that Miller was escorted off the stage by security for CNN after refusing to leave the set. CNN told CBS this after the incident:

“The segment was over and Mr. Miller was politely asked to leave the set multiple times. After refusing to leave, he was escorted out by security.”

Well everyone could see it except for a self-proclaimed very stable genius. He posted this on Twitter shortly after the interview:

Trump claims that Tapper was speaking with hatred and unfairness, but the only one on that stage Sunday who was speaking with hatred was Stephen Miller. He called Tapper “condescending” and said that CNN’s coverage of the Trump administration was toxic, hysterical, fake news, and they were suffering a crisis of legitimacy. He’ll say whatever he thinks his boss wants to hear. Miller’s job as Trump’s yes man is pathetic. He usually acts like Kellyanne Conway when she’s on screen singing Trump’s praises. Their go to move is to talk over the interviewer, and make outlandish statements that are simply not true. They almost always dodge questions and carry on as if they have not been asked anything. One has to wonder if being a weasel is one of the attributes Trump looks for when he hires someone to represent him, because most of the people he hires sure fit that bill.

Twitter had a lot of fun responding to Donald Trump’s tweet about Jake Tapper.

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