Tapper Caught On Hot Mic Berating Stephen Miller For Being A Snowflake & It’s Hilarious


Since essentially when President Donald Trump reared his ugly head and entered the race for the presidential nomination, Democrats have been accused of being too easily offended. This rhetoric was perpetuated by media outlets like Fox and the personalities that they employ, like Tomi Lahren prior to her firing for her views on abortion.

Remember her?

Hilariously, CNN’s Jake Tapper leveraged that, according to the transcript  obtained by CBS News producer Arden Farhi, which detail the exchange that happened following his brief interview with White House advisor Stephen Miller. The interview was perhaps one of the shortest interviews between a member of Trump’s administration and a major media outlet, lasting a mere 12 minutes approximately, as it rapidly devolved into an aggressive argument. For Miller’s part, he claimed that he was just trying to “tell the truth about the president of the United States,” while CNN’s Tapper asserted that he ended the interview because Miller made it a CNN-bashing session. The interview was primarily intended to be about Fire and Fury.

The freak-out by Miller began after Tapper asked him to speak to President Donald Trump’s recent tweet about being a “stable genius” and resulted in Miller accusing CNN of creating a “toxic environment” and working to discredit their legitimacy.

Following the heated exchange, Farhi posted a transcript of the off-camera conversations on Twitter:

Interestingly, it became known only recently that Tapper specifically told Miller he ought to not “act so offended,” resulting in Miller going off on an asinine rant admitting he had taken offense:

‘I’m not acting offended…I am offended. I’m offended by you and I’m offended by your network.’

President Trump subsequently followed up in his typical fashion on Twitter demonstrating not much has changed with the Tweeter-in-Chief, writing:

‘Jake Tapper of Fake News CNN just got destroyed in his interview with Stephen Miller of the Trump Administration. Watch the hatred and unfairness of this CNN flunky!’

Miller also works as a speechwriter for the administration and allegedly did a significant amount of drafting on the Muslim Ban 1.0 and 2.0, which thankfully were halted by the American judicial system. Previously, he worked as a Communications Director for now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

One would think a former Communications Director and Senior Advisor to the president would have enough sense to at least leave the premises of an interview after being requested to. But, that would be expecting too much of Stephen Miller.

CBS’ Farhi also reported via Twitter that:

‘A source at re the Stephen Miller interview with on : “The segment was over and Mr. Miller was politely asked to leave the set multiple times—after refusing to leave, he was escorted out by security.”’

However, one must not give Miller so little credit. Many people believe that Stephen Miller intentionally kyboshed his interview with CNN and had every intention of the exchange happening as it did. It has been speculated all over social media and through various media outlets that such a strategy permitted him to not answer many of the questions Tapper asked and ultimately draw attention away from the topics at hand. This is not a new tactic by Miller, nor is it really a new strategy for any member of the Trump administration.

WATCH the entire interview between Stephen Miller and Jake Tapper here:

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