BREAKING: Eric Trump Stunned By New Robert Mueller Investigation Surprise


Somehow, Eric Trump has managed to stay out of the attention around the Robert Mueller investigation into Russia interfering in the U.S. 2016 presidential election. This in spite of him heading the Trump family business with his brother, Donald Trump, Jr. Now, that may be over. The Trump Organization had to turn over documents to Special Counsel Mueller.

Campaign digital director, Brad Parscale may have implicated Donald Trump’s middle son, Eric, when he fired off a line of tweets about Michael Wolff’s tell-all book, Fire and Fury. He tweeted:

‘Only skimmed the #MichaelWolff book #fire and fury and already found tons of false statements. Time for me to write a book. I’m the only person that saw the entire campaign, family and knows what happened after. These are just more lies to continue the #FakeNews narrative!’

Trump’s son-in-law and Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, brought Parscale onboard the Trump presidential campaign. Parscale still works in the White House as a presidential adviser. He also works for a Trump political action group, America First Policies. According to Parscale, Kushner and Eric Trump were “joint deputy campaign managers.”

Parscal claimed that neither Steve Bannon nor Kellyanne Conway made Trump a winner. Instead, he said that it was Kushner and Eric Trump who were responsible. The problem is that he may have implicated both men with the Russians, according to Business Insider:

‘Truth: Jared Kushner and @EricTrump were joint deputy campaign managers to @realDonaldTrump. Nobody else. Not one person made a decision without their approval. Others just took credit for this family’s amazing ability. I’m done with all these lies. They will be embarrassed!’

That begs the question about how involved Kushner and Eric Trump were in arranging the infamous meeting with the Russian attorney, Natalia Veselnitkaya, and other Russians at Trump Tower. The attorney supposedly had dirt on Donald Trump’s competitor, Hillary Clinton.

The tweets also indicated that Kushner and Eric Trump knew all about George Papadopoulos’ efforts to set up a meeting between Russia’s president,, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump. Papadopoulos worked for the Trump campaign as a foreign policy adviser. The FBI indicted him for lying to FBI agents in October. In exchange, Papadopoulos agreed to assist the Russian investigation.

In addition, the two younger men may have approved Carter Page’s trip to Moscow in July 2016. Were they also involved in making the one change to the GOP Ukraine platform at the Republican National Convention that favored Russia?

 Trump campaign digital director Brad Parscale just threw Eric Trump & Jared Kushner under the bus.

A person familiar with the Trump campaign’s internal activities said that Kushner was Parscale’s “patron” and got him hired. Business Insider wrote:

‘Despite the fact that a number of people in the campaign wondered whether he had any idea what he was doing. He’s Jared’s boy. I had (campaign) deputies telling me they couldn’t question anything the guy did or said, and
they were unhappy about that.’


Featured Image via Getty Images/Spencer Platt.