Breitbart Comment Section Responds To Oprah With Thousands Of Racist Rants By Trump Fans


The political news cycle has been abuzz since the Golden Globe ceremonies about a speech by Oprah Winfrey that many believe indicates she may run against Donald Trump for the presidency in 2020. For anyone who missed that speech, it’s a must-see.

For so many Americans, Oprah is a national treasure who is loved and respected around the globe. Her former daytime talk show ran for 25 years and dominated the ratings throughout that time. She is the perfect counterpoint for Donald Trump, whose reality television show The Apprentice began to tanklargely toward its last few years, drawing only seven million viewers in its entire final Trump season, ending with a ranking of #67 in prime time.

For others, the outrage machine has already begun. No matter who runs on the Democratic ticket in 2020, Trump’s rabid fan base will find a reason to hate them. Most of their reasons are completely hypocritical considering the man they voted in as president in 2016.

For Breitbart’s readers, open racism is just a matter of course on Twitter. Unlike some of Trump’s cabinet members, who use dog whistle racism to speak to the most deplorable among Trump’s base, many readers of the alt-right white nationalist website don’t even try to cover up their disgust at the idea of a black female president.

In a story from Breitbart News, a broadcast in which Tea Party activist and Breitbart contributor Sonnie Johnson spoke about Oprah’s potential run was coverd. Johson, a black female American, discussed how important black female voters are to the Democratic party.

‘Black women are the bread and butter of the Democratic Party. They show up every single election. Even a lot in midterms, a lot of what the Democrats procure vote-wise is black women. They’re very active for the Democratic Party. That is the truth.’

Note the quote listed as the lede to the tweet’s story: “a lot of what the Democrats procure vote-wise is black women.” It just so happens that the voters Breitbart says Democrats need happen to be the opposite of their average reader, mostly angry young white men.

Followers of the anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-anyone who isn’t a white American male website instantly went into attack mode with some of the racism they’re most noted for.

In addition to throwing racist jibes at Oprah, Breitbart’s readers did what so many on the right do these days: insist that black voters are simply too stupid and easily manipulated to know what’s really good for them. Lucky for those witless black folks that white people are here to remind Democrats who the real racists are, Democrats like Representative John Lewis, a notable Civil Rights leader who was nearly killed when he marched with Dr. King in Alabama, because they just don’t understand how racism works. That’s not racist at all, right?

Some responses were not only racist, they just truly rolled around in the mud and stood up filthy and stinking. These were the people so offended when Hillary Clinton referred to them as “deplorables?”

Thanks, Breitbart, for once again proving how well you attract the worst among us, and thanks for the gut-wrenching view of those who walk among us in a society that is trying to be and do better while you represent those who provide the largest challenge in that quest.

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