JUST IN: Trump Lied About Graduate Status From Wharton – Never Received MBA


One thing that has become evident in Donald Trump’s first year as president, and more so in recent weeks, is his attempt to overcompensate whenever his intellect or mental stability are under attack. Perhaps one of the foremost justifications that president uses to prove this point is the claim that he received an MBA from the Wharton School of Finance, a university well-known for their premier and elite-level MBA program. However, Trump never actually received MBA certification from the school.

In the midst of the Republican primary election campaign in April 2016, the Associated Press published a report which found that the then-nominee had not actually graduated from the program, and that his undergraduate degree was not even in business as he claims, but rather a bachelor of science in the economics field.

According to the article from Associated Press, “Trump holds a bachelor of science degree in economics from Wharton, earned after transferring in as a junior from Fordham University. Several early Trump profiles, including a 1973 New York Times piece, stated that he graduated first in his class at Wharton, but that has since been disputed. A 1968 commencement program does not list his name among students who graduated with honors.”

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Given the high-ranking status of the school and the apparent intellect needed to complete such a rigorous graduate program, it is clear why Trump has consistently brought up the Wharton School to prove his intellect. The Wharton School is renowned not only around the country, but globally, as being one of the top institutions to attain an education and graduate degree from. Kurt Eichenwald of Vanity Fair published a two-part twitter post (seen below), outlining the crafty and subtle manipulation by the president to trick people into thinking he received his MBA, without ever actually claiming that he did.

According to Eichenwald, Trump’s constant disregard of his transfer status, coming first from Fordham University and entering Wharton in his junior year, causes this misperception that he must have completed the graduate program.

In recent weeks, President Trump has come under great scrutiny after the publication of Michael Wolff’s bombshell book, Fire and Fury, which depicts accounts from individuals close to the Trump administration, primarily pointed at his instability and unfitness for the presidency. In order to defend himself from these claims, Trump has increased his self-promotion tactics, using his favorited communication platform, Twitter, as well as speeches at varying events, attempting to convince the general public of his “stable genius.”

The president recently unleashed a Twitter rant (seen below), wherein he lauded the strengths of his mental stability and heightened intellect, despite what Wolff’s book revealed about his temperament and behaviors. Since the publication of the accounts shown in the book, many are calling for the president to receive a mental health evaluation in order to truly understand whether or not he is fit for the position he has assumed. As the array of controversies from his first year pile up, the president is taking every opportunity possible to legitimize his own credibility, while discrediting the legitimacy of his opponents.

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